Come take a glass and join the waiting lounge...!

  1. Oh perce..... congrats to the flat brass classique :flowers:, can't wait to see pictures ;)!!

    Fashion ..... WOW !! A '03 lilac clutch .... I'm very interested on this color, please post pictures :yes: !!

    Me myself I'm waiting for an apple green day ... it could arrive by next week :graucho: :love:
  2. My wait just ended I waited almost 2 months for my Fall 06 Edith to arrive at the Chloe shop and now I'm waiting desparately for my husband to come back from the U.S with a Kooba Sienna in desert, Lubriderm, Secret deodorant and Apple Garde products. He'll come on Friday so it'll be a pretty long week for me.
  3. Some of you have to wait so long to receive your purchases! It makes me feel a little guilty about being so impatient...
  4. yippy for my bordeaux first twin Pupster, please post pictures upon arrival :yes:
  5. It looks like UPS is delivering my Paddington today!!
    Tracking says : Out for Delivery!!!


    Too bad I have to go and buy groceries this morning.
    Cross your fingers that it arrives before or after I leave ;)
  6. ^ I have my fingers crossed for you!!

    UPS just delivered my 03 lilac clutch! The color is so pretty. My only issue with it is that it doesn't have a wrist strap. Apparently back then there were two versions of this clutch. If it had the wrist strap it would be perfect. Without one I don't think it is as functional, but I'd love to get everyone else's opinion. Will post pics later!
  7. Will do, aaallabama! :smile: It might even arrive today! *fingers crossed*! :smile:

    fashion_junky--Congrats on your 03 Lilac clutch--look forward to seeing pics! :smile:

    winona--woohoo on your Paddy! crossing my fingers for you! :smile:

  8. Oh yes please Lin..... - I'd like to see the picture of the color '03 Lilac !!:yes:
  9. ^^Can't wait for pic's!!


    I MISSED IT!!! :rant:
    Gone for 45 minutes. And I missed it.
    Stupid groceries.
    I have to wait all day tomorrow for it now.

  10. Oh NOOOOOOOOOO ..... too bad :cry:! I'm so sorry .... I know this feeling :rant: !! Crossing fingers you'll get it by tomorrow ..... sleep well one more night :heart:
  11. OMG!!! I *hate* it when that happens!!! I totally freak out when I know a package is going to be delivered. I stay home all day until it arrives and I try to keep the house as quiet as possible so I can hear the UPS truck drive up. lol.

    Hopefully, your bag will arrive in the morning! :smile:
  12. Aw, I'm sorry. Well, something to look forward to tomorrow. I planned my day so that I wouldn't have to be out until my package sad is that?? :shame:

    Photo's later!
    I can't believe how huge she is!! I must have held the small bags at the dept. store before.
  14. Yay!!! I'm so glad it got to you! :smile: 7pm? Wow! Did you stay home and wait all day?!? I hate it when they deliver late in the day(unless I'm away from home until night. lol).
  15. ^^ No way! I have 2 kids, that would be torture!!! *LOL* WORSE than missing the bag, trapped in here with a 2 and 5 year old all day..
    Photo's later, or tomorrow...SHE IS GORGEOUS!