Come take a glass and join the waiting lounge...!

  1. Delivery... please?
    What are you currently, so patiently waiting for?

    Me? No Balenciaga right now but...

    - Black Tom Ford "Whitney" sunglasses
    - LV Mono Porte Tresor
    - LV Mono speedy 35
    - Craie Chloe Paddington ---STILL!!! According to the slowest UPS standard delivery service ever it left Vancouver on the 8th.
    - Marni top

    Please...join me, post your current "in transit" items.
  2. My magenta first from Bal NY! I think everyone else who ordered that day received theirs, but mine is still out there in UPS land. Sadly, I waited all day yesterday for delivery and it didn't arrive. Perhaps Monday...
  3. Wow you still haven't received your paddington?!
    I'm waiting for an 02 flat brass black classique, I hope it comes by next week...!
  4. No! It was returned to sender due to an incomplete address, then she resent. It's almost been a month!:cry:

    Ohhhh, you bought the flat brass...I can't wait until I find one!!
  5. I'm waiting for my 03 lilac is supposed to arrive Monday :love:
  6. you got that fashion_junky? congrats! it is so pretty!

    I'm now OFFICIALLY waiting for my second bbag to arrive! :yahoo:

    04 Marron city but it probably wont be here for a week or more...
  7. I did :smile:. Thanks, I am excited to see it!! I hope it is as pretty in person. I love the sliver hardware :love:

    Congrats on the marron, it is a great color, and I have heard that the leather on marron bags is really buttery.
  8. i'm not waiting for anything... but i can totally wait with you all... i know how it feels to wait forever.... ***waits with everyone***
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  9. I can't complain either- I got my caramel city'03 and I am just so content and in love!!!:heart:
  10. No Balenciaga but I'm waiting for my turquoise Edith ;)
  11. I hate waiting as well so I use my own FedEx account number for all deliveries. I only order from Bal NY and I have them overnite it. I am probably the most impatient person I know when it comes to bags.
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  12. I'm waiting for my 1st bbag from BalNY--Bordeaux First. :smile:
  13. ^^^ Gorgeous!!
  14. I'm waiting for my calcaire city ...Sent on May 12.......................

    Is into italian :censor: :censor: foreign customs since May 22:mad: :mad: :mad:
  15. ^^^ May 12??? Why such a long wait?