COME SEE!!! pics of the new CARLY colors!!!!

Nov 1, 2005
first, i need to know who called my store today?!?! as soon as i walked in the door, jason asks me about somebody from washington who called today about the new carly colors. :wtf: how did he know it was me, or did you mention my name?

secondly, i didn't get the khaki/black carly, nor did i get the sig stripe tote. i got the all brown carly!!!! i will pick it up tomorrow.

thirdly, here are my pics. they are from my cell, so whatever about the quality...

this is my new baby, can't wait to bring her home tomorrow!


this is my original order. you can sort of see the black trim. i couldn't get a better shot, so no complaints!



May 30, 2007
hmm. I called MY store here in SD, and I just said that I heard a rumour and did they know anything about a brown on brown Carly... but I was denied. I WANT IT SO BAD. He said it wouldn't likely be out in time for PCE even if he knew it existed.
Dec 27, 2006
Oh boy that's beautiful. Congratulations! I love this combo but I wear a lot of black (especially professionally) - thoughts on wearing dark brown with black? I feel like Stacy and ******* from What Not to Wear would say it just has to "go".
Nov 1, 2005
Nice!! Is it the mahogany/khaki sig combo, like on the signature stripe? I really do like that better than the black/khaki sig on most bags, I think!

- TwoSirius

it is just called brown...not chocolate or mahogany. i personally will call her chocolate. so it's brown sig on brown leather trim.

Sorry, what are the new colors??? Are they in stores???

in the first pic is the brown/brown carly.
the second pic in the back is the khaki/black carly.
--they will be in stores the end of next week.