Come say hello to my new love, a Part Time!

  1. [FONT=&quot]Ladies, I am sooooo in :love: with my new bag, I just had to share. I don’t think I’ve felt this way for a bag in a long time, I’m in :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Am I alone in the Part Time fan club :confused1:

    Also, is it silly to buy the same style in different colors :confused1: Ah, who am I kidding, nevermind, the hunt continues for another Part Time :nuts:

  2. Wow Girly!

    The leather on the bag looks so nice! Congrats on your new bag, it seems like a nice size bag. I so want a Black city and you're not alone in wanting a same bag in different colors, b/c that's how I feel too! :p
  3. Wow it looks yummy,:drool: Congrats :yahoo:let me guess NM in Tysons.;)
  4. I just got my first Part Time yesterday in grenat! I love the size and color. CONGRATS on yours!
  5. Love it!Congrats!:yes:
  6. Absolutely not - I have a part time in camel and love it! You are not alone.
  7. I don't have one but have seen several IRL. Great style - bigger than the City and not as big as the work. Perfect!!!

    I'd love one in the new Marine 07 color???

    Congratulations on your beautiful part-time girlycharlie.
  8. wowowowowowow ^_^ love it!!..

  9. Neiman's in Tyson's :heart: Black was the only color they have... but, I'm not complaining, I need a good basic bag (as if I don't already have 10 million black bags, hehehe, need to justify ;))

    I find that the City is too small, I :heart: bigger bags for all of my junk :p

    So glad I'm not alone in loving the Part Time, I think it is a great style, I want more :drool:
  10. Ladies, please share pics of your Part Time, I want to :drool:
  11. Sorry, I don't have a part-time to share, but I love yours. That color and leather are so beautiful.

    No, I don't think it's silly to have the same style bag in different colors. I am a City girl and have two so far in different colors.
  12. ^^ hello miss PT, you sure are purdy :tender:
  13. You are SO not alone in loving the Part Time. It's still my favorite style after having tried the City. Maybe because it was my first Bbag, but I adore everything about it! Yours is beautiful, congrats!
  14. Congrats!!! It looks like a beautiful bag!!
  15. Thank you everyone :flowers: I'll post pics of my new Weekender in White when it get here :yahoo:

    I'm now on a ban, really ;)