Come keep me company?

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  1. I'm stuck in bed with bronchitis that's trying to take a turn towards pneumonia... thank God for laptops, comfortable beds, sweet SO and an understanding boss. I don't get sick very often so I am utterly miserable, and the doctor prescribed me so many drugs I can't keep up with them all :sad: It's going around my office because when I got to the doctor today, two other people were there from my office! And four people were out with it besides me. My friend J that I work with, she looked soooo sick, I felt terrible for her. I'm hoping I've caught it early enough where it won't turn into pneumonia, but I'm afraid it might be too late :crybaby:

    So come spend time with me, H ladies, and keep me company! and while we're at it, answer a question for me....

    if you could only have ONE H scarf, which one would it be, and why? Please post pics if you have them.

    For me, it'd be Ledoux Cosmos in the blue colorway I got from my grail fairy :girlsigh:
  2. sorry to hear you are poorly, keep warm, take the tablets, and drink loads am sure you have caught it in time.

    My scarf would have to be Armes de chasse Ledoux
  3. I hope you feel better. Get well get well soon.
  4. Get well soon!
    Bronchitis is the pits, those pills will def. help.
    My grail scarf is the A La Gloire Cuisine after seeing Sus and Licencetocook's but I've bought some things this month that are not returnable so I wasn't able to bid.
  5. Aww, Sarah! I hope you feel better. Can you get some zinc tablets? They're excellent at reducing the duration of symptoms.

    It's almost impossible to choose just ONE scarf, but if I had to pick just one to keep, it would have to be the Pawnee La Shar given to me by someone very very special. :heart: I could never let that one go.
  6. So sorry you are sick. Feel better soon :kiss:
  7. Gina, I do have some zinc, will that really help? Is it better than echinacea or vitamin C? Or should I take all three?

  8. razorbackbelle...oh so sorry you are sick. I have something too...stomach bug I think. Did you see your doctor? I just read you saw your doctor...that's good. Everyone I know is getting or had something this winter...stay warm.
    I love all the scarves especially Astrologie!! Anything Jackie Kennedy wore is my grail!!
    Feel better...try chicken soup or hot tea with honey and lemon.
  9. Oh I'm so sorry!!!!:flowers: Let me think on the scarf, I will try to come up with a really good one!
  10. I hope you get better soon!
  11. I really like these Sarah. First Au son Des tam-tam Laurence Bourthoumieux 1997.
    Loose translation: with the sound of the tom tom (Picture from Luxury-scarves)
    Also I have (same artist) Aloha 2000. (picture from House of scarves)
    Neither of these scarves are old, but I love the colorways and the designs!
    tam tam.jpg hermes_aloha_blue_total_tg.jpg
  12. That Aloha 2000 is AMAZING!
  13. Oh NO, SARAH!!!!! We've all been sick here's the pits.

    Well, I think you need the S'Mom remedy for illnesses.......Hot tea with a shot of whiskey and a Sominex chaser. I promise you'll feel better in the morning! LOL!!!!! (works every time.......)
  14. Feel better, Sarah!! At least you have the weekend to rest and sleep in...
  15. Oh Sarah! I hope you feel better soon! :flowers: Bronchitis/pneumonia is the pits! :yucky: Take your meds, rest up and don't rush back to work too soon! Let 'em miss your talents for a bit!

    Hmmm, one scarf?! Are you sure? :graucho: That is HARD!