Come fly with the Pearl of the Orient

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  1. After an eleven hour journey with an active toddler, we stumbled bleary eyed into Hong Kong. The chaos, smells and masses of people never fail to get my spirits up. It's a vast difference from the quiet place I come from. Even though, this would've been my 4th visit in 10 years, I get excited just thinking about the food and shopping (!!).

    My mission this time was to find a Lena necklace and a palladium carousel cadena. I dragged poor exhausted DH and DD to the Hermes store at the Peninsula Hotel. It's a small store and already bustling with both tourists and locals alike by 12pm. I couldn't contain my excitement when I spied my second holy grail along with other cadenas. The lovely SA suggested I get a leather strap to go along with it so that I can wear it as a necklace. Why not? I thought. DH can get both for me as a Mother's Day gift. He instantly let out a huge sigh of relief after covertly checking the price tags :wtf:

    The same SA tried her best to check out the inventory at the rest of the stores for a Lena necklace but I'm out of luck. I'm also told that Lindys come and go in a flash. Apparently, there's a long waiting list for them as well.

    The next day after a good night sleep, I thought I'd try my luck at another store at the Galleria. The SA left me and again, looked through her database and advised me that they only received 2 a few months ago and they have since been sold. I must have looked :crybaby: so she hurriedly left and made a few calls. In the meantime, I decided to have a look around.
    I tried on a stunning Etoupe Chevre de Coromandel Kelly 28 Sellier. The color is just stunning. Now I could see why my friend NewHermesLover was so crazy about it. 10 minutes later, she ran back to tell me she found one at the warehouse and have arranged to have it delivered before 6pm on the same day. I was like :yahoo: I could've gladly gave her a hug but didn't want her to think I was a looney :P

    I've been to 3 out of the numerous Hermes boutiques scattered around Hong Kong and I must say, the service (bar one SA) has been impeccable. I've seen a Fuschia Ostrich Kelly 32 Retourne, Black Epsom Kelly 32 Sellier, JPG Mini Kelly in black box Pall HW and a TDF JPG Mini Kelly in vert anis box on the display shelves at the DutyFree Galleria.

    At another store, I got to fondle a gold clemence mou Bolide 31 and ogle another in Vert Anis. I'd kill for a gold clemence Kelly or Birkin.

    Whilst wandering around the IFC mall, what did I see? Huge billboard signs everywhere with arrows pointing to a SALE. Not just any sale but an On Pedder sale. This is THE shoe chain store in Asia which stocks anything from Choos, Louboutins to Zanottis. Of course, I had to go. The queue was an hour long but when I got in, it was as if I had stepped into Paradise. Alright, forgive me for being dramatic here but shoe-addicts will know exactly what I mean :rolleyes: There were Luella bags for 60-70% off and shoes up to 80%. I've included photos of my loot.

    Of course, one can't leave Hong Kong without the customary visit to the Peninsula for their High Tea. The food's so so but the experience and ambiance are worth it.

    Without much ado, I'll leave you ladies with some photos.
    (p.s. A special thanks to Mrs T for taking the time to write me a long list of tips)

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  2. I've got a bunch of window display photos to post but the files are too big. will have to figure it out later. Yikes, ladies...the qualities of the photos are hideous. I completely forgot to resize them.

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  3. Yay!! your have your lovely necklace, and cadena (GREAT that you threw in the leather necklace!!)....NICE DH!:heart:

    Welcome BACK!! It sounds like you had a SPECTACULAR TRIP...esp....with the little one.:yahoo:

    **SHOE FANATIC**here!!....LOVE THE SHOES, esp. those beaded Zanotti's!

    CONGRATULATIONS! and I"M SO **GLAD** they found you the necklace.:yes:
  4. congrats Birkingal!Your thread got me so excited i thought you came to the PHILIPPINES!but no H store here and Hong Kongs shopping experience is truly one to remember! love your loot
  5. GREAT report! You have excellent taste--I have the same two necklaces in the first photo, except that my Lanvin has a pale grey ribbon on it.
  6. Beautliful purchases, thanks for sharing!!!

    Plus I got a nice little head rush thinking about what an Hermes warehouse might be like!!!
  7. Birkingal - what a great story and lovely goodies. So glad you had a nice time in HK. Looking forward to seeing you window pics.
  8. ohhh - congrats!!

    I love High Tea at the Penninsula!

    PS: there are a TON of Lindy's at my store - could try there?
  9. Thank you, ladies for your lovely comments.

    C, I thought of you IMMEDIATELY when I saw the Kelly.

    Orchids, after seeing a photo of you with the Lena against a simple crewneck top, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

    I hope the photos work.

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  10. I couldn't resist sneaking in a photo of macaroons. I found a store called Antiques which has beautiful decor. I still miss Laduree.

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  11. Really, GF? I'm planning a visit to Sydney or Melbourne sometime later in the year. Hopefully, they will have a few left ;)
  12. Oh my birkingal!! You're in HK? Lucky you!! I wanna go to the On Pedder sale!!! I love the high tea at Peninsula too. :tup:


    Never seen this clutch before. Thanks for posting. :heart:

    Pls post more pictures!!

    PS: Are you on transit to Singapore too? Pls come.
  13. What a great day's shopping, congratulations of your lovely goodies, I have a plain leather strap too, it's very useful. Great photos, I love that 'bunch of bananas' coin purse, lol.
  14. Hi Queenie, I was so busy snapping away I didn't even notice the things I was taking. Otherwise, I would've inquired about the unusual clutch. I didn't get the chance to transit in S'pore this time. I'll definitely PM you if I ever get the chance to visit your part of the world.
  15. I had originally planned to take tons of street photos but it was difficult holding on to my camera and dealing with a toddler who had every intention of waving at anyone.

    I had to take this photo of a street cobbler. The second photo was a tiny cafe like yum char place which served the best congee I've ever tasted. A huge bowl of congee and 4 different types of dim sum for the measly sum of USD $4.50!

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