colors you like but can't wear

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  1. seems there is a trend toward neutrals lately. I like beige and tan clothing in photos but they wash me out. I recently bought an ivory top. wore it once and wasn't happy in it. I have never had my colors done but I just know what I'm happy in. Black mostly or strong tones or blue or green (not yellow-green but blue-toned).

    Do you have colors you like but can't wear?
  2. Yellow - it makes me look ill :lol:
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  3. I love yellow too but can’t wear it either.
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  4. yup same here, cant wear yellow.

    Also orange, light blue, and light green.
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    I may have a different undertone to you guys ^, ^^, ^^^, ^^^^ because one of my fave colours on me is acid yellow. I also like slime and olive and grey green (which a lot of people also seem to shy away from). Orange looks fine but I'm only in the mood very occasionally, the same for turquoise and jade.

    I like but can't wear iced or metallic lavender, lilac or blue, diamond white in anything, milky taupe, any taupe (unless it's khaki/green/brown leaning) mushroom, baby, bubblegum and barbie pink. Pastels are not easy for me in any shade. I'm wearing a wine Gucci top tonight but with lots of gold, wine, raspberry, claret and pink-reds are not the best on me, nor is emerald but sometimes I just don't care, I stick gold jewellery on and the eye is tricked.
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  6. Yup, we’re opposites I think!! Red, dark red, any shade of purple, blue, lavender, fuschia, magenta, clear pink, even orange, suit me very well. Yellow or lime green, or yellowy beige though are :sick: on me, I wish I could wear them, but nope.
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  7. exactly.:tup: I pretty much only wear colours I LOVE now and just use a flattering scarf as a back up near my face.The right make up can help too, but only for evenings.
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  8. OMG Also I can't wear white AT ALL! I look like a powdered munchkin when I wear white.
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  9. Same I love yellow :sad:
  10. I think I'm pretty close to you.......not sure about the orange but I'm not really drawn to it anyway. I do like peach. I can't wear tan or beige but grey (not very pale but medium to dark) I can wear.
    Do you know what season you are?

    This brings me to lipstick. I wear mostly mauve or pinky brown. I can wear red or red-brown. But bright pinks are awful. I recently repurchased a lipstick that I always wear. For some reason the color is wrong (mis-labeled or color formula change). It's kind of a bright pink. I didn't like it but put it on with liner and asked DH what he thought. He said it was awful. So bad I should go take it off immediately.
  11. I don’t know about seasons, but my skin tone and hair colour definitely suits cool colours best. I noticed even with nail varnish some colours that look really good on others look dodgy on me - I tried a nude/tan shade once and couldn’t take it off quickly enough :lol:
  12. yes, I had bought a popular sheer color of essie nail polish (sugar daddy). I thought it looked yellowish on me. went and got a cooler pink and it was better.
    I think my skin tone is either neutral or cool. I have pink in my complexion but that could be surface, not undertone.
  13. Pastels are a disaster on me, especially pastel or powder blue. It is actually striking how awful it is. Likewise, I cannot wear yellow.
    While I wear a lot of black, as far as colour goes, I look best in deep jewel tones - dark red, cobalt, deep green. I can wear a whisky brown, but not chocolate, and white, most grey or light neutrals are not at all flattering.
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  14. I love yellow for summer as well. I bought pale yellow top and it looks great with oyster coloured pearls and a scarf
  15. I wont go near any shade of yellow or gold
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