Collection Ruined......

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  1. The Fact that Life can be so unpredictable is an understatement. Just yesterday I had a beautiful collection of designer shoes, clothing and handbags and today I have a completely ruined home and very few salvageable items. Yesterday a water-main broke in our wall, the back wall of my closet; the pipe went right through the drywall in our master bedroom, while we were at work. We returned to about an inch of water throughout our home.
    When I got the call from my Fiancé, I must admit, as we know how important our babies are to us , I first thought of pictures of our engagement, my Grandmother who passed away's heartwarming letter to me at collage, my artwork, some from my father, some of my own ... all those things that could never be bought. I surprised myself; I raced home hoping that I could salvage the important parts of what really make up my life. A good deal of the precious moments were salvageable, apart from some ink that bled on some letters , and slightly damaged canvas in the art work, there are a few hopelessly water logged pictures, but for the most part, I still have most of my mementos. My closet is another story. Not everything was damaged, but I don’t think I can ever post pictures of what happens to the leather strap of a Noe once it's been drenched with a steady stream of water for God knows how long. All told , there are about 12 ruined pieces including my brand new Biscayne Bay PM in Monogram Vernis Pearle ... I bought it on Wednesday. My Chanel Cambon is a sopping wet rag and my much loved Alma has gone to its final resting place, among others. There are some pieces that survived, and I am grateful for that, but what I really learned is that I am so lucky to be blessed with a wonderful family and people that love me and support me. Things like this I suppose make you see things differently, I was so numb with loss of a collection I have spent ten years building, but I can not IMAGINE how all those people who lost their home , and livelihood in New Orleans and Louisiana , not to mention people they love must feel... My loss seems so small and minute. Our insurance company is also refusing to cover the water extraction and the company they sent over told us that it was a base price of $5000 but likely more. We told them no thanks, and banded together as a family, my fiancé and my 2 step kids, rented 4 rug doctors and went to town all night, and have managed to salvage most, if not all of the furniture. I surprised myself with how this prissy, girly high-maintenance thing that I am could handle the nasty, sweaty grimy work, and feel proud that we did it ...together, and faced a horrible situation as a family and I really do think that we will always be stronger for it, and I am heartsick over the loss of handbags and shoes and silks that will never be the same, but the people I love are more special to me than ever.
    I am greatly sorry if this is terribly long-winded, I just hope some of you understand the need to just grieve out loud ... but I’ll be back at Saks 5th av... Refilling that almost fresh start closet of mine, because the waters always recede ... leaving you all the wiser.
    Thanks Ladies , I know you guys understand the feeling .
  2. i'm soso sorry for what happened to your collection but it's wonderful how your family was able to band together and get through this........i hope your collection ends up being even more fabulous than it was before :sad2:
  3. :amazed: :sad: Celesus, how terrible! *tons of hugs* I am so sorry that this happened to you. You seem like you are handling it well, which is good. I am so glad that your important mementos were not completely damaged, but I am so sorry to hear of your beloved shoes and bags :sad:

    How can the insurance company not cover the water extraction? What are they covering?

    I know it's probably very tough for you right now, but you will replace all the things you lost! Thank goodness it wasn't something worse, which could have completely destroyed your home, or hurt a family member, etc. I am glad everyone is okay! If you need to vent, we're here :nuts: :love:
  4. :sad2: :sad2: :cry: :cry:
    Oh my gosh, that is horriblle! I am happy that you and all your loved ones are safe. Those situations makes family mnore closer, and it does help you re-evaluate your life.
    Sorry for the loss of your shoes, and hanbags, too. :cry: I know you and your family will make it through this ordeal. And whenever you can start shopping, again!;)
  5. OH MY GOSH!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOO sorry ....I wish I could help you!
    Stick towels inside your wet bags...I had a Ligne Cambon incident... a can of seltzer EXPLODED in my purse...2 towels was perfect...Anyone else have any ideas to help salvage!???
    I feel so sick thinking about your loss...please know that we are all thinking of you and we are here to talk to!
  6. *Hugs* I'm sorry to hear that :sad2: At least your loved ones are safe. I wish I can say the same for the handbags and shoes. We're here if you need to vent.
  7. I really apreciate the support I know i could turn to you guys. I'm crying like a big dork .. ((in a good way)) Christina , The insurace Co. is really killing me , In FL after all the hurricanes they hate to hear anything with the term water damage .. but we are contesting it , we just needed the water out that night before it had a chance to mold ... it really bites you figure you pay for ..what ?
  8. I will try that it sounds like a good idea ... I actuly called the number last night for help!- The girl on the phone was nice , but that sounds like an even better Idea!
  9. Isn't it funny how awful times like that make you realize what truly matters in life?? I am so happy you and your family is ok and the really important mementos are salvageable.

    But at the same time I know how much it must hurt to see your collection ruined. I'm happy everyone is ok though! Tons of love is being sent your way!!!
  10. Oh, I am SO sorry this has happened to you! :sad: I'm glad you were able to salvage some of the items that has the most emotional value, and that no one was hurt.
  11. - also with that extraction , if the company DID not end up covering the 5K plus sum.. we would be stuck with it ... I am really distrustful of the company at this point
  12. How awful! I truly hope the insurance company comes through for you completely,and that you are able to fix and replace everything.
  13. Insurance companies in Florida have really become a pain in the butt to deal with after the hurricanes. I'm glad you're contesting it, that's ridiculous of them. I really hope everything works out for you, please feel better! Sounds like you have a very supportive family, you'll get through it! :nuts:
  14. Celesus....
    So sorry to hear a/b it.... *hug* I'm glad that you are able to pull things together and still hang in there.
  15. OMG!!! WTH! WTF! This pains me! I am so sorry about this. We are definitely here for you!