Cold causing Cles ideas?

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  1. pomme!
  2. another post to praise your charm lol :nuts:. i like it better with azur :heart:
    and for the cles suhali is the best imo. white is gorgeous!!! or even better if u can get the geranium :drool:
  3. Your pochettes look so adorable with that charm! how about a white suhali cles? gorgeous and goes with everything!
  4. Another vote for the pomme!
  5. u definitely need the mono cles
    lol i have it.. and i love it. its so functionable...
  6. wow i just cant get over how gorgeous those charms are!
    anyway i think you absolutely should get another cles, its one of the most usefull LV items! The new denim is really cute, or the beautiful red pomme vernis.
  7. those charms are so cute.. is it two sets.. and how much do they run for?
  8. I like the Multicolor Cles.
  9. denim cles, pomme vernis,

    I love that charm, did you get that from Lv ?
  10. Do they sell those charms at LV? If much? They look so cute.