Cold causing Cles ideas?

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  1. So I'm down with a cold today :sad: But as I was packing my mini pochette for a short walk to the doctor, I realised I need another cles! :greengrin:

    I have a mini lin ebene cles which I use to hold all my extra cards. I had to remove all my cards so I could use it to hold my ID, a credit card and spare cash. So whaddaya think? Do I need another cles? :graucho: And which cles should I get? I'm eyeing a mini lin dune....

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  2. Wow, I had no idea the charms were that pic. So cute. As for the cles, get one, hehe.

    I'd pick the denim cles.........
  4. Haha, the charms just made me feel all better already before seeing the doc. ;)
  5. yes, you NEED another cles!!! :graucho::heart:;)

    i LOOOOOOVE your charms, the cutest thing ever!!!!:cutesy::tup:
  6. :woohoo: Gooooo enablers! ;)
  7. Get either the white MC or Denim Cles...

    Since I can only choose one... GO FOR THE DENIM!!! :devil:
  8. Yes, of course you need another cles! I just got the Pomme Vernis and it is soooo pretty. Of course you could hang on until Amarante comes out (is there going to be a cles in that color?) That would look stunning with the Azur.
  9. love the mini lin cles

    Your charms are so cute
  10. Those charms are adorable!!! And of course, get another cles! I think denim would be hot! Since I can't enable myself with anything right now I have to live through other people! So I'm a total enabler :smile:
  11. Awww!! I love the charms! it looks awesome on the pochette!
  12. Those charms are adorable!!!!!! They look great!!!
  13. thsoe charms on the bag looks soooo cute!!!!! i like the denim cles =]
  14. OOh I see lotsa fans of the denim! :smile:
    I like the new contrast lining of the denim:yes: But I'm not so sure of the blue colour, cos that means it would only really go well with the azur I have, imo...

    How about a black or white suhali cles? hmmmm... maybe white, since I already have an ebene mini lin... uh oh...

    More eye candy! Do you like the charms on damier too? :biggrin: I think it looks better on azur, but looks pretty good on damier too!

    Can you tell I'm sick and bored at home? lol

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  15. love love the charm!!!! I say mc white cles xx