Coin purses at Barneys Seattle

  1. I just called Barneys in Seattle to check their stock of coin purses, and I thought I'd share in case anyone's on the hunt.

    In RH, they have Jaune, Forest Green, Tomato and Black.

    In GH, they have new Magenta with silver and the LE black and white with gunmetal.
  2. ack why did I open this thread!!! I want I want I want LOL

    thanks for the info :hysteric:
  3. Thanks cheshire!! I was just thinking today that I want a coin purse in a pop of color- like tomato or rouge vif. Must maintain self-control...
  4. Tomato is gorgeous - I ended up loving it so much I bought a First and a Mini Compagnon!

    The Jaune they have is particularly beautiful too. If I hadn't just got a Juane Makeup I would've snapped it up in an instant!
  5. Hi Chesire Cat - I was wondering if you had a particular SA you like at the Barney's in Seattle. Every time I go in there - they don't seem particularly friendly.

  6. I really don't. They aren't unfriendly to me but they aren't particularly helpful or knowledgeable either. Really I don't buy much there if I can get it elsewhere to avoid our almost 10% sales tax...

    There is a young woman - probably late twenties - there, brunette and shortish. I don't know her name, but of all the SAs there she is the best.
  7. Thank you Cheshire :tup: I had just got my sweetie a Jaune Money and thought it would take forever to track down a matching Jaune CP. I just called them and I have the Jaune coming to me :yahoo: Thanks!!!

  8. I'm so tickled by Jim's yahooing dance over a CP...whether he wants to admit it or not, he's hooked!

    And thanks for the info Cheshire!! I am debating that Tomato CP very hard right now!

  9. Thanks Chesire Cat. I am looking to purchase my first bbag and just trying to figure out the place to buy it. It is just so hard to buy one over the phone esp with all the variation in leather etc. I am very excited though :yahoo:
  10. Oh come on now:rolleyes: I'm a regular guy that thinks about 3 things all the time, and none of them have to do with shiny bbags.

    You see! if I had been on a bad buying spree there would be no Tomato CP for you to debate on :p I call that a good test. I needed the Jaune CP to match the Money I got her as her b-day pressie. And I did kinda forget that I have 3 CPs in the mail already. So I thought about the Tomato one for 3 seconds and then went and got a beer instead :okay:

  11. Your manhood is not in question, Jim. You don't have to squirt beer through your nose to be a duuuuuuuuude :biguns:. But I agree with amie's observation that you're into this because you're into this ;). Nuttin' to be ashamed of. I know several straight, female-worshipping guys who love and appreciate bbags and get into the hunt just as much as us girly-girls.
  12. Oh crud- I mod'd when I should have quoted!!! SORRY JIM!!!!! :winkiss:

    Oh no I'm not worried in the slightest, I actually find it quite cute that the girls here believe I'm addicted.
    But I do appreciate people here that are into collecting

  13. But I do enjoy treating my princess to something special.

  14. Let me try this again :sweatdrop:

    Hmmmm benign observation: you have the longest wishlist I have ever *seen* for a non-addict :graucho:

    1. Rouille CP,
    2. BubbleGum 07
    3. or 08 CP
    4. & Wallet,
    5. Jaune CP (coming),
    6. Money(coming)
    7. & Twiggy,
    8. Grenat 06 CP (coming),
    9. 05 Twiggy Turq,
    10. Sienna 07 CP
    11. & Wallet,
    12. Bordeaux CP,
    13. Electric Blue CP,
    14. Rouge Theater 05 CP,
    15. Pewter CP,
    16. 04 City Lilac,
    17. 05 BG City &
    18. First

    and for a non-collector there sure are a lot of really obscure Balenciaga colors and jargon :p

  15. :lol: Glad this helped someone out. Now they'll all get sold and I won't go in there and think about buying them even though I already have other things in all those colours.

    Boy, once you start in on the accessories, it's hard to stop! Good thing I got a raise and Christmas money... :blush:

    Jim, addicted or no, every girl on this board is jealous of your fiancee. I'd have to count on my gay best friend for that kind of treatment! :p