Coach x Rodarte - April 2017

  1. They're in. And Stunning. First photos of the small pink Rodarte Wristlet reveal below.
    IMG_1492441310.689688.jpg IMG_1492441324.623776.jpg IMG_1492441346.234888.jpg

    That huge oversized strap is amazing. It is a pinky salmon blush color. This is a keeper.
  2. So pretty!! Now I can really see the detail in the front - thanks! How's the leather quality?
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  4. And the Wristlet 30 in black. Much of the hardware has "Coach and Rodarte" on it. Two hang tags. One says Coach. The other Rodarte. "Sequins" made of leather with BRIGHT jeweltone metallic like shades. I did not adjust the color on the photo. This is exactly how naturally beautiful the colors are on this piece.

  5. The leather is outstanding. If any of you have the larger wristlet in the Disney X collection, it's thicker, and more high-quality than that. Almost puffy..

    It's like "budder". So thick that the piece almost feels a little "squishy".

    Words truly cannot describe the quality of the leather on this piece. "Luxe and lush" come close.
  6. Yes, the sequins on the black are so gorgeous! I would get one of the wristlets if I thought I would get some use out of it, but I know all I would be doing is looking at it.
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  7. Love all the pops of color! Goorgeous! Keeping both? Have a favorite?
  8. Wow gorgeous wristlets!!!
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  9. Congrats Purse FanGirl! Both are beautiful, but I really love the black one. The colors of the leather sequins are gorgeous. I might get one for my birthday. Enjoy!
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  10. @pursefan Girl....Both are show stoppers! Beautiful work and the colors....
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  11. Keeping both. Well, if I had to choose one…My favorite is the larger one. The colors are spectacular.

    However, the proportion of that larger strap with the smaller wristlet is amazing.

    Oh, I guess I can't decide on a favorite after all, can I?

    Thank you all.
  12. Has anyone seen or purchased a tote? :smile: I kind of wish I could just purchase and decide whether or not to keep it when I get it, but shipping's not free to Canada, and there are the currency conversion fees to deal with.
  13. My Coach Courier bag arrived and I have taken a few pictures so all can see it. I told my SA I would not keep it unless it was beautiful and in my opinion it is. The leather inside and out is incredibly soft and the color is lovely. The faux pearls have a soft tone to them which compliments the bag. The snake on the side is also nice even though I don't like snake it looks good on this bag. The chain and the side hardware are large and I like the look on a classic bag.

    For all the pictures I have seen posted from this group, congrats to all. Your items are beautiful.''
    There is no pink tone to this bag but the lighting makes it appear so. The color is soft but not pink or grey.
    IMG_3961.JPG IMG_3962.JPG IMG_3963.JPG IMG_3966.JPG
  14. That is stunning very classic and very you enjoy in good health xx
  15. So gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful.