Coach sunglasses: worth it?

  1. I tried these on today, in green


    They are the Samantha sunglasses, very cute, little rhinestones on the stems, and they come in olive green, which is unique. But at $168 (minus 25% for PCE), are they worth it? I take good care of my sunglasses. Just want to know if I am getting something that is better quality than Fossil, et al.

    Oh and I think I am also gonna get this gorgeous silk scarf in Pear :biggrin:


    It's a beauty!
  2. I just bought those in tortiouse, on the evening of the Perfume release and love them. They are so flattering.

    Some would ask if a $400 purse is worth it too. If quality is something you value then yes, if you are always losing your sunglasses at the park then maybe no.
  3. I love them! I love those and Kate Spades sunglasses too. If you have a Nordstroms Rack (Nordies outlet). You can find them for 50 bucks and they give you the case too. I've purchased all of mine and I think I may have 4-6 pair from Nordstroms Rack.
    They always have great accessories there.
  4. I've had the Samantha glasses in white for 2 years, they still look great. I get so many compliments with them. The green and the pear scarf will look so good together.
  5. I love my sunglasses, I have the burgandy lauren's. Excellent quality and each time Coach just amazes me.

    I say get them!!!
  6. Think about how many times you are going to be using it when you think about the rather alarming price tag before you purchase it. :smile:
  7. I say that they are worth it. Plus, they're about $100 cheaper than Chanel sunglasses.
  8. I've had mine for about a year and still love them.
  9. Try They sell Coach and other brands. If you don't mind ordering over the internet. I bought Sandie and Lindsey (2005) for $115.00, $124.00.
  10. i have chanels and coach sunglasses and believe it or not my coach sunglasses are my faves!!! def worth it.
  11. Definately worth it! I have a pair of Chanel sunglasses too and I've had other brands as well, but I use my Coach sunglasses the most. They're classic and they're Coach. What more would you want from a pair of sunglasses?? Hope you make the purchase! Can't wait to get a silk scarf for myself soon, it'll complete my collection of Coach accessories. :smile:
  12. Hmmm. I just went there and looked up Coach "Samantha" sunglasses. They carry last season's colors, so don't have the ones I want, but worse than that, they have blatant misinformation on their site!

    They claim that these sunglasses retail for $360, and that they are offering them for the "bargain" of $214. And these are models that are now being sold on markdown because they are from last season!

    They retail for $168 at :rolleyes:
  13. ^^ yeah, crazy!!

    the samanthas are my most favorite sunglasses. I have them in tortoise and almost want to get a new pair because I scratched the lens up with my car keys on a field trip. :sad: definitely worth it! I have had 3 pairs of coach sunglasses and love all of them.
  14. I got mine at Nordstroms Rack too. Love the price there. Can't wait to find another pair.
  15. Seriously, once you opt for the nicer *anything* you won't go back. I'm wearing the Kendalls in my avatar. I've got my eye on the Mimis. I love my Coach sunglasses! They fit nice and look great.