Coach Sightings in the Wild!

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  1. What a great sighting!
  2. Saw a Biltmore bag today. Did not take a picture, but chatted with the owner a bit. She bought it “long time ago” because she really liked the leather. Wasn’t even aware that it’s made in Italy or anything special.
  3. Saw this Charlie 28 in colorblock and snakeskin the other day.
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  4. image.jpeg
    saw this at at my son's hockey game yesterday:
  5. I saw a station bag!
  6. Older blue hobo
    blue hobo20190121_131644.jpg
  7. Saw this cute backpack at the airport yesterday [​IMG]
  8. Mailbox!
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  9. Great sighting!! to find mine in the black floral print. I can't remember where I put it!
  10. Uh oh. I have that problem sometimes.
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  11. Adorable Rogue 17 on the train :smile:
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  12. image.jpeg


    spied this (i think) saddle 23 at lunch
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  13. My friend with a chunky little siggie bag I thrifted and gave to her : ) 20190217_102421.jpg
  14. Airport
  15. Coach Page 27, so chic in this larger size!
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