Coach Sightings in the Wild!

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  1. This doesn't happen every day, two random women (they weren't together) sporting Rogues (one regular, one 25) standing side by side in line to check out at the Union Square Whole Foods in NYC! Made me wish I was carrying my Rogue 25 instead of the Bandit, lol. Had to take a photo of that... IMAG6423.jpeg
  2. Saw a pretty pebbled black Kelsey at church today. I've been spotting Kelseys in different places lately. They're usually the outlet ones. The one I saw today seemed nicer like from the fp store. Or the very first generation that the outlet put out. Those had nice leather as well.
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  3. That's quite a sighting! I have yet to see a Rogue out in the wild.
  4. I noticed a pretty floral Chelsea today ... looking very cheery on a rainy day here.
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  5. Saw a younger woman out shopping, very intently, lol, at Plato’s Closet the other night with vintage olive green Court bag.
  6. Went to Festival of the Trees today and saw a bunch, one MFF sig with a lime green stripe in khaki and a coach metallic Bennett satchel in the dark gunmetal color
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  7. Saw a black vintage Willis in a movie the other day. It is so pretty and classy. I really must try to get one.
  8. Stepped into my work elevator and was face to face with a black and blue reversible city tote. Was going to take a picture but wasn't quick enough :sad:
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  9. Saw an acquaintance earlier this morning and she had a BT City bag. We chatted a little on it and I was reminded that she has a lot of Coach bags from her late mother in law. Then I went grocery shopping and a woman checking out one lane over had a much loved vintage black Madison satchel. Tried without success for a pic.
  10. I saw a Rogue irl (other than mine) for the first time the other day! School's Christmas program - saw an acquaintance from a distance carrying the saddle Rogue. She was using it as a tote with the long handles. Unfortunately, she was gone from my sight before I could even pull out my cell for a pic.
  11. Christmas brunch at the Hopkins Club. Saw a few coach purses which was cool. Most were in the sig fabric, including a black top handle tote with a zipper going down the middle (had no idea what it was) I, myself was carrying my court bag :smile: I feel like since I joined this group, I just look for coach bags so much!! Its like an awesome game lol
  12. Saw a lady at the mall with her black Helen's legacy duffle bag.
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  13. I'm always on the lookout for a wild rogue. Haven't caught one yet :smile:
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  14. Halle berry is wearing the dreamer in the celebrity street style thread.
  15. Black Phoebe in the movie A Merry Friggin Christmas