Coach Sightings in the Wild!

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  1. Saw a young lady with Oxblood Rogue 25 last week in a shopping mall, while I was wearing my Rogue 25.:amuse:
  2. Walking into work today and was holding open the doors for a girl behind me! We get on the elevator together and she says "we have the same bag!!!" I was carrying my black coach court bag and she had a brown one! We fan-girled a bit lol
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  3. Haha! That is awesome
  4. Two spottings at an LL Bean store:

    A dinky in either primrose or rose (I nearly chased after the lady to ask her :P)

    Some sort of signature patchwork tote from the 2000's
  5. At breakfast. Lady on the next table with her friend with her vintage Coach companion bag! Her friend's bag was also Coach..a Madison Op Art Madeline. [​IMG]
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  6. At Starbucks in Tysons Corner Mall today grabbing a little pick me up, the girl right across from me had a Saddle Dinky. It was so cute!
  7. Had an under 20 year old customer with a Rogue. I got excited since I've never seen one in public and I was assigned to work with her. She was fairly unfriendly though so I didn't bother asking about her bag.
  8. Saw a vintage Court bag in great condition at the supermarket. We were both moving too fast to get a picture.
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  9. A bunch of sitings today! A black Edie, a black Page 27 (woman was wearing it crossbody but it hung on her back not at her hip), and grey Mercer
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    12 years ago one of the first posts in this thread suggested that every woman in Columbus Ohio must own a khaki or tan signature bag and it’s still true. I rarely see anything else around here unless I’m the one who’s wearing it.
  11. I can't quite recall what it's called but I saw a girl wearing a beautiful white small envelope/flap bag with black
    hardware cross body. She wore it very elegantly. :smile: I'm not usually one to notice other people's handbags but for some reason I noticed this one very quickly!
  12. Spotted: Grey Rogue 36 with Python Handles (not picutred, a leather Small Rexy Bag Charm on the front of the Rogue) and a vintage Court Bag with a canvas strap
    1.JPG 2.JPG
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  13. The second isn't that a station bag? looks great with that coat!
  14. Those shoes!

    Yes, it's a station bag.
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  15. Oh drat! Yes, STATION bag.
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