Coach Outlet in Williamsburg, Iowa - Worth Going To?

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  1. I've never been to the Coach Outlet in Williamsburg, Iowa. Anyone been there? Is it any good? Did you find what you wanted?

  2. there are a couple people here that go to the Williamsburg outlet, so hopefully they will respond. From reading their posts they don't seem to have many good things to say about the inventory or the SA'S.
  3. I'll go and get you my most recent posts from shopping Williamsburg...I would have to say I'm TpF's most involved Williamsburg outlet shopper. I live 1.5 hours away from it in the Quad Cities. It used to be a fabulous outlet, they expanded last year and I have no idea why!!! The stock is horrid and the service is even WORSE!!!!

    If it's ON YOUR WAY, I wouls stop by...I wouldn't go more then 15 minutes out of my way to shop it.

    I'll be back with links to my recent threads. FP deletes are few and far between, when they DO come in it's been my understanding from what SA's tell me that they all put the "good" bags back for eachother. No jewelry, no shoes...99% MFF bags.
  4. Last time I was there the FEW full price deletes they had were OLD!!! They had 2 Julianne's and 2 Lg. Sabrina's both were the light khaki/brown trim opart. 2 garnets in brown leather Lg. and a few scattered POPPY and that was not the 50% OFF section. In the 1/2 OFF redlined area it was all old MFF, Parker (not good ones) and a few Bonnie bags.

    I used to shop that outlet 2-3 times a month making a 3 hour round trip drive ea time. Now I go when I'm shopping for TpF gift exchanges and THAT'S IT!!!! It seems a task to go there and the service is POOR, POOR, POOR!!!!

    If Runner22 weighs in I'm sure she'll tell you about the same!!! She's the other tried and true Williamsburg, IA outlet shopper!!!!
  5. Ahh wow.. My experiences with the Williamsburg store isn't that great either. I was on a sabrina hunt last christmas and basically kept stalking the store. I kept getting different answers and always got snobby looks when I went there. Then again I look like a 13 year old so they might think that I'm just there to mess around. I only remember one or two of the SAs actually being helpful and friendly. They wouldn't put me on any kind of callback list and the one time they did they never called back (I had asked if they could call me when they got their first batch of sabrinas in).

    lovecoachmore, if you'd like I can check inventory for you every so often ^__^. Just PM me and I'll be happy to go check for you since I agree the SAs aren't too helpful. I live about 45 mins to an hour away from the outlet. I used to go about 2 or 3 times a month but got sick of going to the Coach store cause of the SAs and the selection. I've also put myself on a ban =P to just one purse a year.

    winter21212, I agree with lovecoachmore that if its on your way its worth a stop. The other store I like to go to is the Cosmetics outlet since its the only place that sells MAC/Bobbi Brown makeup in my area.
  6. I went to this outlet last fall and was less than impressed... I know outlets are hit and miss -- which is fine -- as long as the service is good. Not so much here. Sorry.
  7. lovecoachmore - Thanks so much for taking the time to post the links. You have been very helpful! I have no reason to head that way on I-80 as of right now so I won't be making a special trip.

    mcchelley & chele70 - Thanks also!
  8. Yeah I probably live the closest to the outlet (about 35 mins) and don't go very much anymore.

    They had some decent Poppy stuff when I went a couple weeks ago. I don't know if they still have the stuff or not. They barely get any FP deletes and if they do, I don't think they put them out on the floor. I can't recall a time when I've called and they had a bag that many other outlets had at the same time.

    If you go, don't have high expectations.
  9. Hey girls I was debating about making a trip to Albertville or here and you have definitely helped make my decision for me. Even though Albertville is still a 5 hr drive one way.

    Too bad the SA at Williamsburg don't lurk on here and take some notes on what could be improved :sad:
  10. ^^^The SA I spoke with the other day kissed my A$$ over the ph when it took her so long to call me back. Sadly this is not necassary!!! I don't need to be bowed down to, just get good and fair service!!!
  11. I've usually had good experiences there. When I worked at FP COACH at Jordan Creek, I knew a couple of the SA's and one of the managers at the outlet. Got me into the back room a few times.
    Williamsburg is mostly MFF, and very hit or miss, but it seems like most of the factory stores are trending that way. We went to Chicago in September and I couldn't WAIT to get to Aurora for the "Premium Outlets" I kid you not, the COACH one was EXACTLY the same as Williamsburg. Floorset, bags, everything. Actually Williamsburg was better. Dissapointing to say the least!
    I am lucky, I have an excuse to stop there, it's on the way to Eastern Iowa where all my family lives, so my car automatically veers off the exit... nothing I can do about it. :graucho: I have never had to deal with an unfriendly SA. Usually they say hi, blah blah blah, and I go about my looking around.
    So, there is hope that it can be good. I'm sure there have been bad experiences for some people, but I have never had a bad experience there. Turnaround is high at COACH because of their stupid scheduling methods, and other stuff...hence the reason the SA's never seem to know the merchandise...
  12. MrsWeidner - thanks for the positives :smile: