Coach Legacy Shoulder Bag - Plum Suede

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  1. So I just finally saw the Legacy Plum Suede w/ metallic trim at the Chicago flagship store on Michigan Ave. :drool: The color looks totally different in person then online or in the catalog. I had looked at dept. stores & other coach stores, but none of them ever had it.

    They only had the Ali & the Mandy Courier today. I desperately want the shoulder bag.
    I just :heart: the combination of the shoulder bag PLUS that color. The SA checked and said they are sold out everywhere.

    I checked ebay didn't see it - any other ideas as to where to get one? OR do you think there is a chance they may potentially release more??
  2. I'm dying to know how this looks IRL -- is the metallic really shiny or is it more subtle? I adore plum suede but am very leery of metallic leather trim.
  3. I haven't seen this bag yet...but i bet it is gorgeous. Maybe eventually they will release more. It is probably to early/limited for ebay and would go for big bucks.
  4. Did they check other stores? I wanted the charcoal suede shoulder bag and was told they were sold out. But I’ve learned that at my store, I have to specifically ask for other stores to be checked—not just the stock online. There were only floor samples left, but I was able to get one. :yahoo: I figured a floor sample was better than nothing. Hope you find one!
  5. I wanna see this bag!!!
  6. I have this bag!!!! I started a thread about it awhile ago, but I'll attach a couple of pics again! I adore it!

    I also love the color combos, but it is definitely more purple and less wine colored IRL.

    mharvey - the metallic is definitely more subtle- it's done in a "crackle" finish that keeps it from being real shiny. I do love metallics, but I'm not huge on reflective surfaces if you know what I mean!

    chicgirl - I was at the store in Ardmore, PA and they had it on display - perhaps you could call and order it from them.
    new goodies.JPG legacy on.JPG
  7. I never liked metallic on bags, but this is actually looks good combined with the plum suede. I really want to see it IRL.
  8. Your bag is GORGEOUS!!! :drool: I love the plum color. It's very pretty!! Is this something that Coach is no longer making?

  9. Thanks a lot! I'm not sure that you can still order it - I just looked online and didn't see the suede version of this bag anymore.