Coach Headband Sign Up

  1. This is the new thread for sign ups for the the Couch Headband we have been talking about. If you have missed the discussion you can check it out here

    Sign up will begin now and will close on April 19, 2007. We will have groups of color selections. Please let us know which color or colors you would like to get. Each group will contain 5 people.

    We still need a person who lives really close to the outlet so you can let us know what you found and what is available so we can chose. If at all possible get the details of each scarf so we can look it up and we can post a picture of what it will look like. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer for this!!

    When I find out exactly the cost of each headband I will post it under this post so you will all know how much each person will need to pay.

    If you need more info please contact me or lolitablue for more details!

    Thanks for looking!

  2. I'm in :smile:
    My color preference would be anything bright colored (blue, green, pink, any color!)
  3. I'm in! also, anything bright colored will work for me!!
  4. I guess I would have to see the scarves, but I am open to most colors especially black, pink, or beige
  5. Count me in! My color preference(s) would have to be...

    Signature print (red, blue, black&white, brown/khaki)... OR, legacy stripes!
  6. I'm in and I would like to see choices before I can say what color.
  7. I'm interested. Great idea, gals! I'm interested in pinks, greens, mostly bright colors. Thank you! (and sorry, no outlet nearby or I'd volunteer)
  8. Hmmmm I thought you could edit your main post??? I was going to add groups to it. Oh well I just have to copy and paste into a new thread everytime I add someone to a group.

    This is how Im going to do groups as of right now. Since tat2tinkerbell, finzup, and Chole all have the pink choice in common I will start you out in the pink group!!

    Now if you see me starting a blue group and you would rather be in that group I can change it, but just remember we would need 5 ppl in a group to complete it!

    Group 1 Pink:

    1. Fiznup,
    2. Tat2tinkerbell
    3. Chole
    4. TLlovesHim

    Group 2 Brown/Khaki:

    1. TXCollegeGirl
    2. ThaLizardQueen
  9. can i join? i like legacy stripe, pink, red, and blue.
  10. I'm in. Color preference - bright colors - blues, greens, pinks, etc.
  11. I'm in. I like pink, red or blues.
  12. I am in too.. I would probably take one in every color LOL I am growing my bangs out and headbands are becoming a way of life LOL

  13. Good Morning Melissa and everyone!! I am on my way to the outlet, it is a 1 and a half drive but since I am off, I thought I would take the time. Based on everybody's responses, this is what I will be looking for. Signature scarves with the CC all over in bright colors, pink, brown/tan, green or anything else with lots of color. I have seeing the famous bandana one, that they made a makeup bag of recently. Hope to find that. I will ask the SA to put it on hold and then bring back the details to this thread. Talk to you soon!!!

    Thank you Melissa for your the initiative and the hard work. Do I understand that everybody agrees with my Mom's credit $$$ request?
    Let me know. See ya :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  14. I'm in
    my color preference is Signature print Khaki
  15. OOh, please include me....I am not picky at all!