Coach Fall 2012 Master Thread

  1. This is the very FIRST bag I have seen in this thread that I actually want! Gorgeous shape with the slouch and everything. I like the Cognac, please. Katherine
  2. I found a few additional dd pics, sorry if any have been posted before, some I saw but in other colors.

    Also, does anyone know what this gorgeous pink/red color is? It's sooo pretty but I have no idea what it's called.
    19889_a3.jpg 19890_a3.jpg 19891_a3.jpg 19893_a3.jpg
  3. A few more ...
    19915_a3.jpg 19918_a3.jpg 19924_a3.jpg
  4. I think this is the Carnelian.
  5. Anyone know if we are getting any other regular styles? Hoping to find drill downs for those!
  6. I have to agree...the Columbus Circle Store sales associates are very unfriendly...
  7. Either carnelian, or vermillion...either that tote!! In the larger size so it will fit over my shoulders...:heart:

  8. I TOTALLY agree -
  9. Drooling over the duffle!!!! I may need to pop over to Columbus Circle Coach at lunch today to see it in person (even though I want the Cobalt and it doesn't seem to be available yet :sad: ) and also either the wristlet or clutch in cognac!! If I buy anything I will be sure to let everyone see it :biggrin:
  10. This is yummy - and the very first Fall line bag that I've liked. Anyone have any idea what the price will be??

    The pic didn't load - it's that emerald green with the gorgeous shape. . .
  11. The duffle in Cobalt is available at Columbus Circle! I laid my paws on it! I hope there is still some there for you!!
  12. I am soooo excited for these bags! I was getting really tired of all the mess that Coach had going on with some of their last bags, patent + leather + python +fabric in ONE bag! I love the cleanness of these looks..CLASSIC!

    and the tassels, I'll take 2 please;)