Coach denim patchwork Gone. :(

  1. Wow! I loved this bag when I got it with PCE---now I LOVE it!
  2. I know what you's turned out to be an investment piece !!!

    Yep, that seller sure made out like a bandit...I'm gonna watch to see how much this one goes's creeping up too...

    Honestly, after seeing all this interest in the bag, I'm tempted to list mines...but it's not likely because I truly do LOVE this's the 1st Coach I've bought in over 5 yrs 'cause it's the 1st one that's been worth having IMO !!!
  3. Even at the hefty price tag of $711.29 I still would not sell mine... love her to much and VERY happy I got her on a PCE ...... :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. I wouldn't sell it. It's kind of cool knowing that you have a bag that not everyone has and was made in a limited quantity.
  5. I think whoever gets this is going to be ripped off. It's a brand new account holder, no feedback even as a buyer, and the photos are a stock photo plus photos stolen from the listing that just ended.
  6. wow-- this is the bag I started a thread on asking " should I wait " to get it ..I was thinking it might end up at the Outlets ! LOL...I'm lucky I decided to buy it right away with the last PCE
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    CaptainPicard, do you remember how many ppl said to wait because they didn't think it was worth the price tag or stylish enough ?!

    :p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p THEY WERE WRONG -- BIG TIME !!! :p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p

    pdxmatts, you hit the nail on the head...that is the exact reason why I got this bag...and no I ain't sell my gurl for NOTHING !!!
  8. I was wondering if you had gotten yours. I'm glad you didn't wait!

  9. Yes :biggrin: I do !!
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    The seller is still using the stolen pics. But ppl either don't care or don't know cause it's up to $510.
  11. I cannot believe it. I wouldn't bid on this seller if it was going for $100. And in the shipping it even says "does not ship to US" ???
  12. I'm surprised eBay hasn't taken the pictures down by now myself. Years ago someone used my photos of a collectible I was selling and those pics were taken down pretty fast.
  13. There's certainly a yearning for these bags 'cause this one will surely go for more than the last one...even if it's questionable at best :confused1:

    with 3 days eBay bidding to go !!!
  14. When I contacted the seller questioning the blurry pics, they responded as follows:

    I will repost pictures, sorry they're blurry. I'm kinda new at this.

    So maybe, as a newbie the person just doesn't know the rules and/or how to use eBay...could be as simple as that and not trickery...maybe.
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    It's kinda funny to me that the bidder who took the bid up to $710 has no feedback either.... almost makes you think the seller seen how much the other one just sold for an created another accout to shill the bidding on this one.... !!! JMO....

    Here is another listing (not mine) that appears very legit & at $403 already