Coach denim patchwork Gone. :(

  1. I saw that just a few minutes ago! No reserve will attract even more attention!
  2. Wow, someone bought one for a $695 BIN when it could have started at $398. Guess I have no hope of getting one unless I want to shell out ~$700. :sad:
  3. I think that like any other Coach bags this one will be cyclical. It's hot and hard to find right now, but down the road they will come back up on eBay and Bonanza. If you really want it and don't want to pay these redic over inflated prices, put it on your watch list and be patient. You'll get one.
  4. And someone just did a BIN on a used one for $500
  5. How come this bag is so popular? I can't remember a recent Coach which has sold this high!
  6. I would say ... People want what they can't have ... And the discussions here are driving up the interest and the price.
  7. True. Some time not too long ago, someone here did say that with all the talk here (and just think of the amount of lurkers), that this bag would grow in popularity.
  8. And the other one that started lower is the person with NO feedback who had all the stolen photos before it was taken down. Now they seem to have legit photos... but I still don't feel comfortable bidding/buying from someone with absolutely no feedback, even as a buyer.
  9. It's funny, the pictures are definately better than the $900 BIN auction. All the bidders are newbies and probably don't know any better. :shrugs:
  10. Oh I'm sure. I sort of wonder if some of the hype here is created by the people trying to sell too. Great marketing/sales tactic.
  11. I don't think any of the folks who have been vocal about buying the bag, wanting the bag or searching for the bag are intentionally doing that to create a demand. But I do think there are plenty of lurkers who see an opportunity and make hay with it.

    It's fine by me. Nobody is twisting anybody else's arm. If people scream loud enough, I'm sure Coach will make more, or another similar.
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    Pure Madness !!!