Coach denim patchwork Gone. :(

  1. Yea, I think it was a Limited Edition with only 500 made ?, once they sold out, I called and was told they did not show a replenishment date in the system...on eBay it looks like the bidder h***h REALLY REALLY want this one !!!!
  2. I know!! Crazy but as a PP said I bet the seller is happy today!
  3. That's a crazy bid...I sure hope the person that wins will actually pay.
  4. How do you know they were asked to remove the pics ?...clearly they were the same set of wasn't smart to use the serial no pic too.
  5. I messaged them and they told me they saw it and asked them to remove the pics and if they didn't they would report them.
  6. That was very nice of you to alert them...but ur right, ppl are not deterred from bidding on the suspect listing...maybe I should sell mines if ppl are so desperate to get this style...have you ever seen anything like this with other handbags ?!
  7. I've actually not seen this before. People really want this bag it seems :shrugs:
  8. Gone for $711.29! h***h got her bag.
  9. The bidding just ended...WOWSER !!!

  10. Hahahahahahahahahahha you beat me to the announcement...that was certainly interesting to watch...I hope h***h enjoys her new bag she spent more than twice I did to get ;)
  11. Just think if the seller let's say bought this bag with a 25% off PCE, then they just made a $400 profit :wtf:
  12. Ha! I sure hope she does, too.
  13. I guess the good news about this is maybe a bunch of people will list their bags and they'll sell closer to the purchase price. That happens a lot.