Coach color - Bordeaux?

  1. Is this color more of a red or brown color? Pics welcome.
  2. I have a soho slim envelope wallet that I bought at an outlet last spring that's bordeaux. It's more of a purple color. That may not be true of all Coach items though.
  3. The Bordeaux from last season is defenitely a red color.

    It's the wristlet in the second to last row.

  4. I have a bordeaux suede duffle from a couple of years ago and it's on the red side, but a dark, subdued red rather than a bright red. Sort of a dark rusty-brown. Sorry, I don't know how much this is helping. Here's a picture (the colour in it is pretty true-to-life)...

    Soho duffle with watermark.jpg
  5. Thank you girls. I was looking at some wristlets on eBay and the color caught my eye.
  6. Well, unfortunately, that style is called "FAKEFAKEFAKE". Sorry. It's supposed to be the duffle wristlet from Fall 2006. Here's a picture of it from the Coach website.

    It came in bordeaux, chestnut, black, and moss. Here's another picture of it (I think in chestnut) from one of the catalogues last fall.
    Duffle wristlet from Coach catalogue1.JPG
  7. ^^ Do you have the style number for that one, Sialia? Then it could be searched for on eBay by style number and cheekers would be more likely to get a real one.
  8. LOL, good point, tlloveshim! I meant to include it and forgot. It's #40255 and originally retailed for $98.
  9. ^^^That looks authentic and her other auctions look good, too. Plus she has good feedback...not a lot but it's all positive. Actually, I should have mentioned before, they've had a ton of those wristlets (and the duffles, too) at the outlets the last couple of times I've been. So if you're close to an outlet, you might want to check that out. I didn't notice how much they were going for but her price looks good if you can't get to an outlet.
  10. [​IMG]
    This is my wristlet in bordeaux suede.
  11. Thanks KathyRose! If I could still get the color directly from Coach I think I would sway from the Legacy option I am looking at now.