Coach 1/2" Bracelet in POND *pics*

  1. Well... it came, I saw... I think its going back. :push:

    I FINALLY got the last purchase of my "spend-o-thon 2007" spree of purchases in the mail today! (This poor little thing has seen half of the Midwest due to some shipping issues...) And... well, what can I say - judge for yourself by the pictures...

    What I don't understand is, while I will admit up front that I gained a pound or two (or... you know - 40) since getting married, I still consider my wrists to be kinda small (the hands are the only "small" part on my body!!)... but this bracelet, as cute as it may be NOT on my body, makes my wrist and hand look HUGE!! And then, you see the underside and there is a ton of room between me and the bracelet... :confused1:

    I will give Coach credit though, because the color is nothing like shown on the website... the blue on the bracelet matches PERFECTLY with the pond legacy handbags & accessories... shown with the wristlet to illustrate. :smile:

    Thoughts? Comments?...

    Please excuse the blinding skin... as you can see I live in frigid MI... :sad: - but I am heading to Orlando next week to hopefully take care of that though!!;)
    1PicturePerfect.jpg 2PicturePerfect.jpg 3underside.jpg 4Topside.jpg
  2. :smile: Color comparison pics

    Pond 1/2" Bracelet & pond wristlet
    6Brac&wristlet2.jpg 5Brac&wristlet1.jpg
  3. does it slide up and down your wrist as you move?? Very Pretty Color
  4. Yes, the color is nice _ they definately get props for color matching it exactly to the bags... (On the website it looks like a bright blue)

    It slides over an area of about 3 inches back and forth, but its pretty heavy - so I literally have to be moving my arm for it to go places... Unlike some thinner bangles that I wear sometimes that just slide up and down my arm no matter what I'm doing.
  5. Your hands and wrists definitely have to be small to wear those bangles - I love them, but my hands are sooo big, I can't even get the bracelets over them (I can literally palm a basketball and my hands dwarf my dh's hands and I'm 5'6" and he's 6'1"!). It's the same with the gloves - even the ladies size 8 don't fit me :sad:

    I love the color, but think I agree with your assessment that it may not be the most flattering.
  6. i am glad you finally got it! the color is amazing and you are right its a perfect match with your other pond items! congrats and i think it looks beautiful on you.
  7. Wow, those bracelets look a lot bigger than I had imagined, now I'm not so sure I'm fond of it. However, I think that if you like it... wear it! Its a very pretty piece.
  8. ;) The bracelet is beautiful! But if you're questioning it because it might not be flattering, or becuase it's too heavy, I'd say return it and instead get something you would get more use out of.
  9. Thank you for all of the responses! I truely cannot make a decision on my own anymore!!! LOL ;)

    I am going to think about it until the middle of the week, and then I am going to take back the first round of items that need to get returned if they aren't going to be used...

    I really love the color... I think that it would be perfect if it was 1/4" or 1/8", but then I understand that you couldn't really see the signature... Also, I'm so used to wearing very thin bracelets ( I won't even wear a watch for this reason!), that it may be skewing how I feel...

    I agree willowsmom & coachkatie... it was bigger than anticipated...

    Thanks for all of the great feedback! If nothing else, I have a very pretty picture of a wrapped up box I can use!!
  10. LOL... willowsmom - sounds like you missed your calling as a basketball player!! I never would have guessed or noticed that after seeing your special Zoe outfit pics though!! So obviously they blend!! (You must be one of those extremely lucky ones with LONG limbs!! :blah: )
  11. Except for the fact that I have no athletic ability (well, at least on land - I was a swimmer for a while, probably b/c my hands and feet acted like flippers! LOL).
  12. ^ :roflmfao:
  13. that's gorgeous! i love it!
  14. Love the bracelet itself, but if you think it is going to be a bother to you i would return it. I was going to buy one of those bangle bracelets but my wrists are so small and i am worried the bracelet will just slide right off..
  15. Thanks hrimaliv!

    Coachlover123 - It does seem hit or miss with the sizing. I'm not sure who they based the sizing on... LOL...

    My wrist is between 6.25/6.5 inches diameter, and my ring size is a 4.5 , so that gives you some idea of how big my hand if IRL... I guess my hand is about average, with the exception of having some short, stubby little fingers... (ARgh... my sister got all of the long and lean genes...)