Clutch advice please...JPG vs. Kelly Longue?

  1. Apologies if this has been discussed already...
    I think I need a clutch. The 2 styles I am considering are the JPG pochette and the Kelly longue. The KL seems longer, flatter, and more formal than the JPG. Am guessing that the JPG can hold more. If anyone cares to compare/contrast the two, would love to hear...the color would be black (not sure of the leathers available but am not a fan of swift).
  2. Pepper, the clutch bug got you, didn't it?

    Actually, it's not true to say that the JPG KP holds more. It maybe wider at the sides but it's also alot shorter than the Kelly Longue. I have held asa's Kelly Longue, and I think it holds just about the same amount of stuff as my KP. In fact, my Azap Long can go into her KL but not in my KP. But it isn't the end of the world for me, as I have a Azap Compact/Vertical which I'll put some cash and ONE credit card, for the evenings when I use my KP.

    I am very weak ..... so I will get BOTH :p
  3. the kelly longue was longer than i expected in real life.
    the jpg kelly is at least half as short but is twice or thrice as wide.
    you should hold them in person before you buy if possible, that way you can see what you prefer. also there is the maharani too and the jige.
  4. ^:roflmfao: You always know how to solve a dilemma, mrs s!
  5. Yes, HC ..... I like the Maharani that potiron has.
  6. :roflmfao::p
  7. HC - the longue was longer than I expected, too. Pepper, having met you, you could carry off either, and I used to prefer the longue, but after having tried both of them, the longue is just too "longue" for my size!!

    What leather/colour are you considering? Matte black will look smaller than a colour.
  8. Pepper you could carry either off beautifully! I love both styles, so I am absolutely no help!
  9. Thanks all! I think for versatility, I would need to get it in black. Also, since I'd be using it for more dressy occasions, the styling of these 2 bags works better for me than the no-less-lovely other clutch styles....
    I suppose I'd try for black box? Not sure what my options would be. I wouldn't be able to be picky. I probably would just need to see what was available and choose. Croc would be lovely but probably not happening for me now. What leathers does the KL come in? I've only seen it IRL in rose dragee swift.
    And mrss...if I can't decide...then...both...!
  10. i've seen the longue hanging around in a lot of rose dragee.

    how spectacular would it be in croc with diamonds??? VERY!
  11. I haven't seen a KL in real yet. But i just saw a KP in vert anis last saturday (forget to ask the leather). It is quite a stunner but i find size too small to carry all my touch ups, cards and cell phone. Think my evening bags need to go on a diet too.
  12. IMO, JPG can be worn dressed up or down, where as KL is more of a formal looking clutch. I can't really speak from experience because I haven't seen/tried on KL IRL.
  13. Does anyone know the actual dimensions of the KP and KL?
  14. 8 and 1/2 inches long
  15. 5 inches tall and 2 and 1/2 inches deep