Cles Help

  1. Before the new vernis color came out I had no interest in vernis and was fine picking up a mono I have been obsessing over the red cles and I am thinking I really need to be rational here. The mono cles holds more and is $50 less. Can someone help me decided?

  2. Which one more do you like? Both are very nice. I have a MC White cles, and I love my cles. I use it almost everyday. Whether its inside my purse or on its own.
  3. Do you have other vernis items in your bag? If you do, then a mono might be the rational way to go. If not, why not splurge for a splash of color :biggrin:
  4. I have a vernis, along with a few others from different lines. I'd say the one thing I strongly dislike about the vernis cles is that it's hard to get cards in an out. Something like the mono/damier or minilin is easier to use. Even the epi is a pain. Hope that helps.
  5. I like to mix it up, so I would say the red :smile:
  6. I would get the vernis one that you want.
  7. I rarely carry cash and don't use checks anymore. So I need to be able to carry my debit card, driver's license, and metro card.
  8. You can fit that in the Vernis cles, and if that is your first choice, get it!:yes:
  9. So it's worth $200?
  10. I agree! The vernis isn't that much smaller and you can't exactly stuff any of them because things get caught in the zipper...a perfo one fits a ton, but the rest are all still comparable IMO...
  11. Yes! I think the mono canvas one is boring, I have one that's like 10 years old but I don't even use it anymore, it was only like $85 when I bought it so it seems completely not worth it to spend $150 on it! The main reason I keep it is because I collect cles and it was my first one......
  12. the vernis is way cuter than the mono is. the mono is more for if you want to holder a lot of stuff... vernis is more for looks...
  13. :yes: IMHO, yes!
  14. If you only put cards in it, then go for the Vernis one...

    But I'd go for the Mono, because you never know when you need more room in a Cles for last minute stuffing...
  15. The mono is always a classic, of course and does hold a bit more. But if you're stuck on the pomme d'amour, then you should get something in that still does hold a decent amount. That way, you have a cles and also have something in the pomme d'amour, which you do seem to love. :smile: