CL WEDDING Shoes Finally!!

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  1. So I had been searching for the CL Décolleté glacier shoes all over the place!! I saw them on the neimans website and knew I had to have them for my wedding shoe!
    After talking to people in Chicago, New York, Vegas, and Miami it was looking slim for me. I called the Sax in Chicago actually looking for a back up shoe (the Princess 100) and I happened to ask what white shoes they had. he said 'well we do have a sparky white pump, the décolleté I believe" my mouth dropped!! I left work immediately! That day I finally brought home my dream Cinderella shoes! I am obsessed!!! The way they sparkle in person is unreal! They look like a glass slipper.


    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393609467.586693.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393609493.711629.jpg
  2. Wow !! Congrats and well done on finding ur special loubies xxx
  3. Congrats! Pretty!
  4. Congrats!! And congrats on your upcoming wedding!
  5. Congratulations, they are gorgeous!

    I wore LK Bennet for my wedding, and by the end of the night having walked in heels dragging around that heavy dress, I wished I had worn flats. :-/
  6. stunning enjoy them on your big day :heart: :smile:
  7. Perfect wedding shoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!

  8. Thanks!!!!


    Wow beautiful! Thanks! I will definitely be bringing flats along too.

    Thank you!!!


    Thanks so much!!!!!!
  9. These shoes are gorgeous...they really sparkle under the light! Congrats!
  10. So pretty! They look amazing in pictures, I can only imagine how good they look IRL!

    Congrats on your wedding as well!
  11. lovely, congrats on the wedding :biggrin:

  12. Thank you!!!

    Thanks so much!!! I know they are so fun to look at!

    Thanks!!! The light really make them pop!
  13. Beautiful!! Congrats!
  14. congrats! they are lovely! Perfect shoe for a wedding, easy to maneuver in!
  15. oh so beautiful. i'm looking for the picks & co potpourri for my wedding end of this month size 36. anyone selling an old pair?