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  1. Dear ladies, I am looking at a Tsar on the bay.
    I am a US6.5 and my sizes for CLs are as follows:
    36: Pigalle120, Lady Lynch120
    36.5: Bianca, VP, LP(could go up to 37 for patent), Volpi
    37: Bianca, Simple, New Decoltissimo

    Would a size 36.5 for the Tsar be too big for me?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you so much!!!
  2. Hi there,

    I just recently purchased my first pair of CLs - Pigalle Pollock 100 in size 38.
    Could someone advise me as to the sizing for the Winter Trash 100 - TTS, 1/2 size up or one full size?

    Thanking you in advance.
  3. Help please :smile:

    So I really want to order the Summerissima criss cross platform sandal and there is no way I can try them on. I don't know my CL size but my US size is a 7.5. I've heard they were true to US size but I really need to make sure before the purchase. I also can't return since all sales are final. Thank you!!
  4. Hi all! I'm a US 7. Anyone try on the "Milady 85" or "Love Me 100" shoes? The ones I'm looking at are bridal and in satin so they probably won't stretch. Just curious as to fit - the website says TTS but in my experience NO CLs have EVER been true to size! They're all over the place! TIA!
  5. Love me 100 is TTS. there are a number of CLs that are TTS. But yes there is a range.
  6. Ladies, it's driving me crazy going back and forth deciding whether a pair of Lady Claudes in cork, size 36 will be too big for me.

    I'm TTS 35 and wear 35 in pretty much everything (except 34 in Pigalle 120).

    However, my Lady Claudes from 2010 (Marron glace patent) is a 35.5 and they are a tight fit on me.

    Would I be able to make the Lady Claudes in cork size 36 work?? I don't mind a little padding, but I'm worried that it's a big make. Does anyone know if they run small or TTS? I might have a chance if they run small.

    Thank you so much for any advice.
  7. Im looking at purchasing Lady Daf bootie in leather. I'm a size 35 in most CLs (can fit 35.5-36 in slings). Should I go up to a sz 36 with the booties? My main concern is how the ankle part will fit? They are on the Saks website and I would LOVE to try them in person, however, my local Saks doesn't carry them!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
  8. i`m a true size 5 and went up a half size when i tried them on (=
  9. Thank you!!
  10. Lady Claudes run quite small (as you know from your own experience!), I think they will be ok and need a heel or ball pad at the most.

    I have a pair half size up from TTS which are ok but tight, and a pair full size up which are good.
  11. Are the newer pigalle 120's made larger? I just received my new pair and it's HUGE! I own a black patent pair in a 34.5 and when I first got them, they made me have shoe nightmares. But I would not give up. Now, they fit great, even had to put padding in the back for slippage. I love my black patent pair so much when the nude Pigalle 120 became available on the CL website, I jumped on them. But I'm so disappointed because right out of the box, they already need all sorts of padding just to keep on my feet.

    Just wondering if anyone is experiencing this. OR if the nude patent is just so much more different from the black patent.
  12. I only went up .5 in the bootie. The ankle part doesn't seem like its supposed to be tight. There are some pics in my collection thread of the leopard Daf bootie if it helps.
  13. Thanks so much Popsi for the vote of confidence!!
  14. Thanks! Did they fit comfortably? Like I said, my local Saks does not carry Louboutins, so I may be making a 1-2hr drive to another Saks if they have them.
  15. Dear ladies can you please advise how do Pigalle Spiked Skimmer Flats run?

    In most of my loubes I am true to size. But is flats I need to go up an entire size for some reason. Do you think they would be the case as well?

    I have regular pigalles and those are TTS as well.

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