CL Deals and Exclusives CHAT Thread

  1. Why can't those cameo rose LDs be my size? :cry:
  2. lol I feel your pain ;) love this color too ! maybe there is still some left somewhere ?
  3. ^^
    They are gorge! Not my size either.
  4. btw if anyone sees lucifer bows in pumice in a 39/39.5 please PM me!
  5. We will fight over those 39.5, Aegis... why you creepin' on my size? Stay in 39 where you belong!:bagslap: I want the pumice lucifer 39.5 SOOOO badly :crybaby:
  6. I want them in 40.5 or 41

  7. hold up! i typed wrong. i meant a 38, 38.5 so now you don't have to beat me up:smile:

  8. :shame: that's what happens when you are in a hurry
  9. :biguns: I mean, I was ready... :giggles: I was actually just fixing to pm you and say, Hold up swole up... I thought your piggie size was a 38.5ish. :cool:
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    sorry guys didnt mean to ruffle any feathers, just going off of what the first page said and was previously linked to. Maybe I was confusing it with another thread. I come in peace dont kill me:wave::shucks:
  11. :hugs:
  12. look at you getting e-ruthless:roflmfao:

  13. in pumice right? there is a black pair on ebay at the moment
  14. Lucifer Bow- need I say more...? :sneaky: