City in Vert d'eau or Anthracite 4 my 1st b-bag???


City in vert d'eau or anthracite?

  1. vert d'eau

  2. anthracite

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  1. Please help me choose my first CITY and first B-bag purchase EVER from the upcoming new s/s 07 line! :confused1:

    Vert d'eau (sea green)or Anthracite (dark grey w/green undertones)??

    Which do you predict will be a greater hit and thus, tougher to purchase/find next year?

    I have two boys and another baby on the way. Should I stay away from the lighter colors, or will apple guard pretty much protect the bag from typical stains? I am out and about a lot with my kids in tow, so a bit worried about the lighter colors. :sweatdrop:

    Since this could be the only city/ b-bag I may be able to get in the near future, I would like to be sure which I will be happier with. Help! I'm torn!:sweatdrop:
  2. I voted for the Vert d'eau but only because I can't see really what the other color is going to look like from the swatch. I do think it is going to be a very popular color. I am not sure what to tell you about lighter colors and keeping them clean though.
  3. thanks for ur vote, meemie--and the others who voted thus far, thanks!
    u're right that it's diff. to tell what anthracite will look like...I like all shades of grey so I thought it would look nice...anyone see a swatch of it IRL?
  4. I voted vert d'eau as well. I do have three kids and one is not a year. I also want to get this color and I am a little afraid but I just love the bal colors so much and think that's among others what they do best!
  5. these are the exact two colors i'm debating between, so i didn't vote! i am waiting to see the colors irl before making a decision!!
  6. I voted anthracite, I absolutely love the color from what I have seen/heard and think it is so unique!
  7. Please let me know if/when you may sway me in either decision...looks like seagreen is more popular, but anthracite sounds so intriguing...

    Mimz-- did u see the color swatch IRL?
    please keep on voting! the posts and the votes are helpful!
  8. I voted for vert d'eau in the city, I think it'll be a great colour I'm on the wait list for that one. And you can just apple guard the bag to protect it from stains
  9. I voted for anthracite. It's more neutral IMO and would be easier to match!
  10. Anthracite! Its sounds like it's going to be amazing, and so many ppl are going to have Vert D'eau.
  11. wow! you couldn't have selected two very different colors! i'm really surprise that anthracite is coming out for spring/ summer as i always thought metallics as being more fall/winter. that said... i think anthracite could be a very versatile color and the rich neutral tone would go with many outfits. it's definitely edgier and more fun of the two colors. i don't think it will be as popular as vert d'eau, but maybe that's the appeal.
  12. Vert d'eau :smile:
  13. Anthracite! I think I'm going to pass on the first season's release and get a day in Anthracite.....and maybe Argyle.
  14. i voted for vert d'eau - i reckon this colour is so FRESH and YUMMY - but then again you say you've got young children and you're already about stains.... ekekekek, i hate picking colours it can drive me nuts for days.... hehehehe...
    GOOD LUCK on what colour you decide! :smile:
  15. anthracite- a future classic i hope!!!