Chrome Hearts Lovers?

  1. Any Chrome Hearts lovers here? They have decent, albeit overpriced leather goods, but really great jewelry!
  2. chrome hearts is so ridiculously overpriced! i like some of the jewellery, but those prices.... needless to say i don't own anything!
  3. I own an ID bracelet and a canvas messenger.

    At first I thought the jewelry was overpriced too, but it really is very durable and much better than the silver you get at Tiffany's!
  4. I have a Black leather tote with a Cross on it and a Black Hoodie. But agree their prices are pretty steep!
  5. And that coming from a fan of Hermes, that's saying something! :p

  6. LMAO! :roflmfao:
  7. I am a Chrome Hearts ADDICT!

    They make the best sunglasses and accessories! I have chunky bracelets and a ring. I love my 'lounge at home' giant '**** Off' hoodie and I own two tshirts. Its my thing!

    I love the style- its very 'me'.
  8. It's nice to see someone else who likes Chrome Hearts! :yes:
  9. Pics?
  10. Work has been crazy for me, but I'll def. post pics of my designer collection, including Chrome Hearts when I get a chance!
  11. I recently found another Luxury Lifestyle brand from LA - I used to be a Chrome Hearts Junkie, then I started shopping around, they have cool purses too.

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  12. I have recently discovered Chrome Hearts. I found a straw leather bag with leopard and a silver cross on it. I am coveting this bag. I called around and found out it cost $5,000.00. I am trying to find it cheaper than that, any suggestions?
  13. Chrome Hearts is so strange. I am sure the accessories are nice but all of the t shirts I have felt seem such low quality, like Hanes t shirts, or something. I can't believe some of the prices. I didn't know it was still a big deal? I remember when EVERY celeb had a Chrome Hearts sweatshirt.
  14. love chrome hearts! Their store is very cool too!
  15. i've recently treated myself to a pair of chrome hearts sunglasses. I fell inlove with them. A bit pricey but i said what the heck. Well it seems that the screw that holds one the lens in by the temple has come off not once but twice already.

    baaaad business...however i still love em.