Christmas Gifts!

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  1. Gorgeous! I can't find them on bluenile?
  2. thanks sweeties!!! :heart: wasn't expecting anything like that!!

  3. they must be sold out. :tdown:
    I just looked on the website and they aren't on there anymore.
  4. WOW! congrats!! it's beautiful!
  5. had to post one with my ring

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  6. Gorge! They look huge! 😍
  7. I am loving everyone's gifts - giving me great inspiration (and my DH haha). Those earrings [emoji7] that's ring [emoji175]merry Christmas everyone!
  8. I'm so thrilled! I knew DH had been working on something for Christmas but had no idea what it was. I've never been into diamond studs, until I saw a picture some vintage Harry Winston emerald cut ones. He had a similar pair custom made. Gorgeous!
    The are 1 tcw E color, VVS2, set in 4 prong platinum setting. My earlobes are VERY small, so they almost hang off the edge. Perfect size for me and the stones are so pretty.

    It has been so overcast here and my photography skills aren't great so the pics are shadowy.

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  9. Some lucky ladies here! Hope we get to see more!
  10. These aren't the most extravagant or designer, but I got these earrings from LeVian in blue topaz and chocolate and white diamonds in white gold. Blue topaz is my birthstone. Excuse my ugly fingers! :P

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  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1451250128.887029.jpg what was in the little blue box under the tree.

    Love all the eye candy in this thread
  12. From my daughter.

  13. Beautiful ring - your nails are awesome!
  14. stunning!!:heart:
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