Christmas Gifts!

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  1. Thought it would be fun to post what jewelry we got for the holidays! Hope Santa was good to everyone. I'll start with mine. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1419538139.480251.jpg
  2. I got a VCA sweet in carnelian to pair with my WG Love. Soon I'll get a RG love to add to the stack!


    Your ring is so beautiful!
  3. Im obsessed with bar necklaces. Got a silver one. Hoping for gold next time

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  4. And bought myself gold diamond shape pendant. Its so cute

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  5. What brand is that? I've been looking for one and can't commit. All the ones I've tried keep turning over.
  6. A snowblower. :yahoo:
  7. Mine keeps turning over too!! I might put an extension chain on it. Just a generic jewellery store. Hoskings in Australia.
  8. Beautiful gifts everyone!

    Christmas gifts from my sweet DH…

    Tiffany amethyst Olive Leaf ring
    14k wg custom Topaz ring (I designed it months ago and forgot about it, he had it made for me)
    18k rg pink sapphire eternity ring (Blue Nile)

    Merry Christmas:santawave:
  9. My first Tiffany and Co ! From my husband ♡

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  10. Received this beautiful diamond band from the boyfriend.

    Just debating now on whether to return this 1ct I1 clarity ring for a smaller carat better clarity one elsewhere. Just not sure whether I would even notice a difference with the small diamonds. Decisions decisions lol

  11. We got a snowblower too but that didn't stop me from putting jewelry/bags on my list.