Christmas & Chanukah-who else does both?

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  1. We do both here. My hubby is Jewish and I am from a Jewish father/Christian mother and as an adult, became a Christian myself.

    We do both and our kids love it! My little one gets 8 gifts for Chanukah and gets to light the menorah and then come Christmas time, presents there too and of course a Christmas tree. When my older son was younger we did the same thing-but, back then, it seemed there were less kids doing this.

    So-who else is part of a mixed marriage and celebrates both holidays? Do your kids love it or do they find it confusing?
  2. I don't celebrate both- but I know many who do!! As a kid, I always wanted to celebrate both and get lots of presents- go figure! :rolleyes:
  3. I just celebrate Christmas! But many friends celebrate both! They say it is fun, but my best friend said at the beginning she felt confused.
  4. A good friend of mine just married a Jewish man and they are doing both this year but probably with focus on Chanukah for his kids' sake as they are being raised in the Jewish faith.
  5. I have and had a low of Jewish friends growing up. I wish I got to do both.
  6. My DH and I were driving around looking at Christmas lights tonight and passed a house with a Menorah in one window and a Christmas tree in another.
  7. The Chriskwanzeidukahstice season is a wonderful time of the year!
  8. We celebrate only one officially (Xmas) but after Xmas we do usually get together w/ my huband's family to celebrate Chanukah.

  9. We do both holidays..PHH is jewish..Im from a mixed religion family its the norm for me to celebrate both Hannukah and Xmas.
  10. We also celebrate both, plus the Solstice. My SOs birthday is 21 December and he hates it if we make a fuss, so we celebrate "winter" on his b-day:idea: