christian louboutin

  1. :sad: I want to buy christian louboutin iowa mary jane patent black shoe but someone said below that it isnt comfortable
    should I get it or not??
    and the black color is 4 inch heel and green is 3 inch heel..
    I have never tried 4 inch heel so I am kinda worrieD!!!!!
  2. Hi,
    I'm new here and I LOVE this board. I never knew there were others like me out there.
    Just had to get that out.

    I have a few of the louboutin maryjanes from last year. They heels are soooper high so (4 inches easily) and I could run a marathon in them. Granted I used to live in a city where 80 year old grandmas wouldn't be caught dead without stillettos and full face makeup. But I love them because they are super sexy without being trasy, the red soles are hot, and I find them pretty comfortable.

    After a night of dancing my feet do tend to get tired in them b/c of the extreme high heel, but for every day wear, i've never had a problem.

    Only problem I have with them is after repeated wear the sole gets scuffed. It would be the perfect shoe if the red soles were replaceable.:love:
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  4. i just ordered the iowa mary janes in nude...the iowa's come in a 70mm heel and a 100mm heel..

    avail in patent nude, patent green, patent black, patent red, black leather, tobacco leather - 70 mm

    avail in patent black so far i've seen - 100mm

    there are also some iowa zeppas that are the same as iowa's but with a platform
  5. I have the iowa zeppas which are at least a 5 inch heel and they are probably my most comfortable pair of heels (and I have alot!). Mind you I got them a full size larger than I usually get in louboutins, so the extra room definitely helps with the comfort, and because of the mary jane strap, the shoe doesnt slip off!
  6. That's a good point. Now I want a pair!
  7. And here are the Green....:love:
  8. Lovin' the zeppa's, does anyone know what colors they come in???
  9. It is comfortable. The thing is that the leather needs to stretch. After it stretches, its awesome ;)
  10. Can you try them on? If you can't atleast you can return them.
  11. I want the Louboutin patent mary janes, like Jessica Alba wore in the September InStyle on pages 213, 222, and 229. There are some different variations, but I want those. Does anyone know where to get them?

    P.S. There's a great sale at Saks on Louboutin with free shipping and a free gift!

  12. What's the free gift? My browser has a hard time at that site sometimes.
  13. Never mind my previous post. I saw the "free gift."
  14. i have them, but do not wear them outside, because iam afraid they will get scuffed up. Did you ever wear them outside
  15. I wore my Iowa Zeppa today actually. They are fine! Wear them outside and enjoy them. LOL :smile: