Chloe Scalloped Flats

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  1. Does anyone have before and after pics that they could share of the soles that were vibramed? I am in love with these flats (feel like butter), but I want to make sure that the shoes will be worth it. Do you suggest getting the soles vibramed before even wearing them for the first time? I loved these shoes when I tried them on, but just worried about how they wear. I tried on Lanvin and Chanel flats and they both hurt my heel. This is the first flat I've tried on in years that does not hurt my heel.
  2. I bought a pair and I have to say one of the most comfy flats I've ever owned...I usually buy ferragamo but these are way better and definitely worth every penny... the soles are pretty thin though so I'm assuming after a few wears it will have to visit a cobbler
  3. I just bought my first pair (!!!!) so we'll see how they hold up ImageUploadedByPurseForum1418759737.988391.jpg
  4. I've been eyeing Chloe scallop flats for years and am almost ready to buy them. NM has blk patent ones for pre order. Anyone own patent ones? Seem hardier then suede or leather. All input appreciated!
  5. I have 2 pairs of the flats. I'd first off advise choosing the size so your heel fits perfectly. Make sure your heel doesn't step out of them as you walk. Then make sure your toes don't crumple in the toe box as you walk. Yes, they stretch. You'll see some gaping at your arch. The leather is so soft. This happens over time.
  6. I just got a pair from FarFetch and would love advice on whether to keep!



    Sorry for the weird pics haha

    I love the concept of the black and gold shoes but don't like them as much in person? Or am I just not used to them?

    How tight should they fit? My heel *just* about slips out when I'm sitting.

    I want these for work and evenings / dinners out.

  7. I think the shoes are gorgeous. Love the black and gold, but if the fit feels off - it will not improve. the shoes stretch.

    good luck w/ your decision.
  8. Do these run just small enough that if I wear a 7, sometimes 7.5, it would be wise to order a 7.5? I am used to putting insoles in shoes if needed as well.

    In Chanel flats I am a 7 and Jimmy Choo, but I find Chanel classic flats to be wide in the heel area.
  9. I find them to be true to size and yes they stretch but not a lot. Depends on type of leather calf vs patent. Chanel flats sizing kinda all over the place in my opinion. Just need to try them on or w good return policy of online. Good luck!
  10. I just received my first pair in the mail and am debating on the size. I vary between a 38.5-39-39.5, depending on designer and I ordered a 39. They're pretty snug but I'm worried about going up a size if they end up stretching. I don't want my heel slipping out. Very comfortable shoe though and exactly what I needed for days when my feet hurt too much to wear heels! I'm positive I'll be getting additional colours in the near future!
  11. I know this thread is old but does anyone if the pale pink will be released again during the spring or summer?
  12. Does anyone know the name of the nude coloured ones?

    I've tried ordering "nude", but they still seem a bit pink-ish, not entirely nude (if that makes any sense).

  13. I just did a google search and Barneys came up.