Chloe Scalloped Flats

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  1. I'm thinking about getting a pair of the Chloe nude scalloped flats for summer! I hear these shoes can stretch out, so I don't know what size to buy.

    I'm normally an 8. All of my Tory Burch revas are a size 8, and so are my Michael Kors heels and flats.

    Does anyone own these and can offer advice?

  2. They are so pretty! I don't own a pair but have tried several pair on in varying sizes. I'm usually a 37 and if I were going to buy a pair I would have gotten the 37's. The 37.5 fit better in the store but you can see how the leather would stretch out and I have other shoes where that happened and now they're like flip flops!

    Ultimately I decided not to get them because I'm very hard on shoes.

    The colors are beautiful and the nude is a very pretty shade. Post if you get them!
  3. I love the scalloped flats! Unfortunately I don't have a store around me that actually carries them so I can't try them on. After reading a ton of review it looks like they run pretty true to size but tend to stretch. If you're usually an 8 then that what I would order. I'm still deciding on whether or not I'm going to order them! Please post pics if u get them!
  4. I just got my black scalloped flats, it runs true to size , but it will stretch. It is very soft and very comfy to walk. I wear and walk all day in my clinic without hurting my bunion. I will order another in nude color for spring.
  5. Thanks for the advice, everyone!

    @Mikeyta - Bloomingdales sells them and they are currently having their F&F 20% off sale, so I think I'm going to get them - they have the nude color too!

    I will definitely post pictures once I do :smile:
  6. One more say they run TTS but will stretch. Do they stretch a little but not enough to go down half a size, is that why you got TTS? Thanks :smile:
  7. I don't think the size can go down half size, mine fits me perfectly, no flip flop, and hurt my bunion like CC shoes.:smile:
  8. Anyone has experience with these?

    How much do they stretch out after a while?
    Do they flip flop around after they stretch out?
    Do the scalloped edges become rubbish and messy with use?
    Does the leather crinkle a lot and look distressed with hard use?

    I love my repettos bb flats but it seems like no matter what size I get, they tend to flip flop after a while and then they become useless to me by that point. The back also gets quite scrunched up because of the way my heel is shaped I think and again become useless to me by that point although they are not that worn out.

    I'm a 5.5/6 in most shoes and I'm tried: 35, 36, 37 in leather, suede/patent leather mix, and suede respectively and it's the same.

    Which is why I'm thinking of trying out the chloe flats?

    Edit to add: I wear ballet flats 24/7 and can easily walk more than 20 blocks everyday in these.
  9. How much do they stretch out after a while?
    I've been wearing them about 3 times a week for a few months and they have loosened a little but still fits fine

    Do they flip flop around after they stretch out?
    Mine haven't flopped around but I do like my flats a little loose

    Do the scalloped edges become rubbish and messy with use?
    The scalloped edges on mine are still perfect (I'm assuming you're talking about these flats and not the ones with lace scallops?)

    Does the leather crinkle a lot and look distressed with hard use?
    It wrinkles slightly where my toes bend but it's not too bad

    I do love these flats - they're very comfy and easy to throw on. Only downside for me is because of the soft/thin leather, you can sometimes see the outline of the knuckles on my toes, but it's not as bad as it sounds! Hope that helps :smile:
  10. Yup, talking about the full leather ones.

    I'm okay with loose as long as i can still run for the bus without fearing that I might leave one or both shoe behind.

    Do you walk a lot in yours?
  11. I have three pairs of these. I have a hard time finding flats that don't rub against my heels and aggravate them, and after buying a pair of these I won't wear any other flats.

    They do stretch but not by much. They are so comfy. My one recommendation is to get the sole reinforced because they do not last long.

    Good luck!
  12. so i probably shouldnt size down?
  13. I wouldn't. I have these same shoes and they do not stretch out enough that your foot will fall out. The lamb skin is gorgeous and high quality!
  14. These are the best flats EVER! I have had issues with other brands (heel rubbing, top irritation) but no issues at all with my Chloes.

    As others have said they stretch a tiny bit due to the softness of the lambskin but not enough to cause floppiness

    I am wearing a pair today and i have happy feet ;)
  15. Does anyone know if they ever goes on sale? I mean the standard color, like nude or black.