Chloe Paddington Whisky Styles

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  1. Hi gals.. i was just wondering if anyone out there knew what exactly this style of paddington is called? I saw it at the stores in whisky on Friday it comes in a large and a mini size.. i cant find it anywhere on the net.. and was wondering if its a new or old style.. In my attached pic its the cream!! Does anyone out there like it or have it.. what do you think??? thanks so much in advance..

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  2. I have seen that one, but I don't know the name of it. I think it is a new style for spring. You might try may have some, but I don't know if it comes in whiskey. The other Paddy does, and the Edith. I like it...the shape is great!
  3. thanks so much for your reply ETenebris.. you dont know how much ive been agonising over it hehe.. ive tried luisaviaroma.. haven seen it anywhere.. just in the store on friday.. im attracted to the mini in whisky.. very slouchy looking and different to the normal paddy.. i love the normal one but want something different..
  4. The white one is the "loaf" style - it came out last summer. I have not seen any for 2006 yet.
  5. My SA was telling me about a "loaf" bag, so now I know what it is! It's really cute. Have you seen the "professor" bag? I really want one in chocolate.

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  6. Only problem with the loaf is that you almost have to set it down to open it.

    I am intrigued by both the "professor" and "doctor" styles...
  7. I haven't seen it in the flesh but ive seen the chloe professor bag on the net.. quite nice and seems to be quite popular.. i like the size of it as well.. i think the ivory and chocolate are hot.. im thinking of getting the fendi spy as well.. im going to take a look at it today.. wish me luck hehe..

  8. Good luck! Where did you see the professor bag online? I would like to see more pics before I commit.
  9. I think NM online has it in gold and BG had it for pre-order during the chloe trunk show in january.
  10. The gold bag on NM is not quite the same style. I think it's a shoulder bag/tote rather than a double handle. Did BG have the same one? I am not a fan of metallics...would prefer a neutral color.
  11. I :love: Chloe, what will Phoebe and her team think of next? That loaf shaped bag is very lovely and not to mention versatile.
  12. I think phoebe left Chloe, I hope they still make paddys
  13. She is retiring...or already has, not sure. Had a baby. I know Chloe is carrying the Ediths into fall, so I assume they will have Paddingtons for fall, too, but next year...who knows?
  14. hi.. they have the chloe professor or is it called the pocket bag on in a variety of shades.. hope this helps =)

  15. okies.. so I got a paddington "loaf" in whisky hehe.. what do you all think?? did i make a good choice ladies??? can u tell me if you have seen it in the stores yet, in ur country yet? thanks!! :P

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