Chloe Kerala Here!

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  1. My bag showed up today without warning. I've been waiting on an e-mail from NM but the box on the doorstep is even better! :nuts:

    This bag is SO me! It has this luscious soft leather but then it's wrapped in this beautiful smooth, firm's the perfect blend of slouchy & tailored for me.

    Does anyone else have this bag? I am wondering how you carry it. It fits over my shoulder, but it doesn't seem made for that. With my jacket on, it does not fit.

    What about the charms? The horse, being so detailed, seems as if it might get scratched up. Or perhaps even scratch the bag...has anyone had these problems?

    This is my first BIG bag purchase! I have lots of Cole-Haan, Coach, & the like but nothing like this & I'll only be able to buy a purse this price once a year or so... so I really want to LOVE it like it should be loved! :love:

    Thanks everybody!
  2. I don't have this bag; but, I have handled one at Neimans and I thought it looked very durable and well-made.

    It is a great looking bag; I am a Chloe fan and am sure you will get lots of use from this bag.

    Please post pics when you are able. What a great surprise.
  3. Congrats!!! I do not have that bag so I cannot comment on it, but I will say you picked a very pretty bag!!! Please post pics!!!
  4. pics please!
  5. Congrats! I love that bag, which color did you get? I've been eyeing it for awhile.
  6. I believe the color is Whiskey (sorry I'm dumb). I really liked it in the nice dark chocolate too but I thought the lighter brown would be better for year round.

    I will post pics! My husband has been asking for some was a no makeup day so it ain't happenin'! But maybe tomorrow.
  7. lol @ no make up day

    but congrats on ur purchase :biggrin:
  8. Can't wait to see!
  9. Very nice :biggrin: Can't wait to see pics! I see a lot of Japanese tourists wearing that, they look so cute.
  10. Hey Congrats!!! What a nice surprise:smile:) I saw one while browsing for Chloe bags and it really caught my eye. Ooh, looking forwards to your pics too:smile:
  11. Yea pics please..
  12. And congrats!! Enjoy your new bag!
  13. Ahem. PICS!!!
  14. Okay! Here are the pictures...not with me & the bag...sorry! I had to be the camera man so it wasn't possible! :weird:

    The bag in all it's glory:
    And what I'll have inside on an "average" day:

  15. Oops! Got the photos backwards...anyway, you get the idea!

    Yes, I've talked to it, petted it & sat it on my vanity seat all night so I could admire it! :smile: