Chloe Baby Marcie

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  1. Hi! My friend has the cutest little Marcie Bag, it’s not the saddle mini marcie but a small version of the small. My friend says it’s a baby size. I tried looking online...has it been discontinued? Does anyone own one and know the original retail price? Hoping to find a pre-loved one if it’s discontinued! Thanks!
  2. Is it the Marcie with the separate shoulder strap? Is it 30cm?
  3. It’s about a 9.5 x 7
    Yes, there’s a top handle and a separate crossbody strap. It’s exactly like the Marcie just a baby version!
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    I think you might be talking about the Marcie small double carry bag. It’s sometimes called the Marcie small two-way bag. It’s available on Nordstrom’s, Saks’ and NM’s websites. Saks just calls it a small Marcie satchel. It retails around $1700. I’ve found that they’re hard to find pre-owned. It’s on “my want list” too.
  5. I have one for sale if you’re still looking for one?
  6. I think they called them the Mini or Baby Marcie Satchel. I have one from 2014 in black (I think that is the year). The size is usually limited edition. I think Chloe just had the size out this past year. I think they have had that size maybe two other times, but it is usually only available for a certain length of time and then you can't get the size any more.
  7. Does anyone know if they going to release this size again in the future? I love this size so much! TIA :heart:
  8. Not sure. I think they just had the size out last year. I think the one I have is from 2014, and I seem to remember only seeing that size like twice since then. So maybe they release them every two years or so?
  9. Thanks for the reply :smile: I guess I will just have to keep my eyes open and hope they get released again soon!
  10. If your not opposed to pre-owned, they do show up the pre-owned market from time to time. I recently saw one on one of the pre-owned sites. Can't remember which though.
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  12. That is so cute in the mini size. Love the yellow gold one. I'm in the UK too so hopefully will become available at some point.