Chinese New Years Eve at LV

  1. Popped into LV today purchase the Rivet Pochette and also received a small gift:heart: from LV for the Chinese New Year. :yes: Luckily i'm not married so i dont have to give them away. :wlae:

    Happy Chinese New Years to you all.
    Rivet Pochette.jpg Red Pockets.jpg Red Pocket.jpg Rivet n Red Pockets.jpg
  2. wow which LV is this??? the red packets look uber cool!
  3. Cool gift! :biggrin:
  4. congrats! and can I have an emvelope:graucho:
  5. Wow how cool about the red envelopes! And congrats on the's gorgeous!
  6. Oh my god, how cute are those red pockets !!! I wish there was a Vuitton Chinese New Year bash at our boutiques !
  7. Lovely LV! Congrats!!!
  8. Those Koloa envolopes are probably those envolopes that you give out to your family that have money in them for Chinese New Year (I think).........I cant actually remember the name, and that is really stupid of me cause I am Chinese..............CONGRATS on the Rivets bag, I :heart: it! Gung hay fat choy!!
  9. Congratz on your pouchette! I love how it's so soft (was able to hold one last week).

    They are called "Lye-Cee". They red envelopes with $$ in it. During Chinese New Year, they are given out to family members who aren't married/single and kids.

    Love those red envelopes! I probably wouldn't give them away (the kids in my family just tear them open!:wtf: )

    Does anyone know if all LV stores are giving them?
  10. Very Cute!

    Lucky You! ;)

  11. Thansk for stratining me out..........:shame: That was so stupid of me not to remember what those little envolopes were called :push: :push: :shame: :shame:
  12. cute...
  13. ^^ No problem! The BF's family if asian (so am I but not chinese) and we're starting to celebrate later! We joke around that we'll never get married so the red envelopes will just keep coming for years! LOL We get them from all his bro's, sis', aunts, uncles, and parents. Plus, because we're not married, we don't give them.....yet! No giving , just receiving -- in this case is tradition.
  14. wow its so cute! i just call it "hong pao" quite literally "red packets"..
  15. Happy Chinese new year :yahoo: Congrats on the pochette - it's awesomme :smile:

    OT, but are those chows in your avatar?