Chiara Ferragni (Fashion Blogger and Shoe Designer) Style Thread

  1. and still some more
    chiara-ferragni-french-bulldog.jpg chiara-ferragni-gallery.jpg chiara-ferragni-gallery (1).jpg chiara-ferragni-gallery (2).jpg chiara-ferragni-gallery (3).jpg
  2. Chiara Ferragni
    chiara-ferragni-gallery (4).jpg chiara-ferragni-hfg_large.jpg chiara-ferragni-profile.jpg tumblr_lry6fdTCKL1qkmce5o1_500.jpg white-zara-blazer-hot-pink-zara-skirt-blue-chiara-ferragni-heels_400.jpg
  3. So...I'm going out to steal into her new home and raid her closet tonight...
    who wants to come with me!:lol::lol:
    970025_DSC_0633.jpg 5083240119_676030183e_b.jpg 5083835650_f89bca25f6_b.jpg 5577616329_a887b8681e_o.jpg 5244190478_e80c06a870.jpg 5592540837_8f675c04c0_o.jpg Chiara Ferragni from TheBlondeSalad (4).jpg chiara ferragni hermes kelly.jpg Chiara+Ferragni+SHORT_large.jpg Chiara-Ferragni.jpg
  4. Love her style :smile:
    Chiara-Ferragni.jpg chiara-ferragni-and-frankie-morello-pony-shoes-gallery.jpg chiara-ferragni-and-givenchy-tribal-print-leggings-gallery.jpg chiara-ferragni-and-hermes-enamel-bangle-gallery.jpg chiara-ferragni-and-hermes-kelly-bag-gallery.jpg
  5. some more...
    Chiara-Ferragni-Milan-street-style-1.jpg chiara-ferragni-french-bulldog.jpg chiara-ferragni-and-rome-italy-gallery.jpg
  6. I apologize if I've duplicated some posts :smile:
    sources: same as above, including, the fashionist, casualchicfashion.blogspot
    5527763722_7b78b0a0fc_o.jpg 5552919316_9a82e4bb99_o.jpg chiaraf.jpg Chiara-Ferragni_large.jpg chiara-ferragni-and-shopping-gallery_large.jpg chiara-ferragni--large-msg-132114233727.jpg furla-candy-bag-chiara-ferragni-blondesalad.jpeg IMG_7400.jpg naplestreetstyle-chiaraferragni1.jpg studded-biker-chiara-ferragni-boots-jacket-hermes-bag_400.jpg
  7. I'm not a fan of her style, 99% of the times it gives me the idea of cheap and she tries too hard quite often.
    On her defense I've to say she's a very nice and kind person, I've met her a couple times and she always stopped with me for a quick chat. She's definitely not the snob some haters like to portrait her.
  8. She is very pretty and has a lot of killer designer accessories, but I find the way she puts things together a little bland...
  9. How did i NOT know this thread existed????? I love her!!!
  10. I love her style, but she gets pretty much everything for free so that sure must help with planning outfits.
  11. I mostly like her style, thank you for starting this thread. :smile:
  12. I am not that into her style. She has some nice designer pieces and well put together but though it's nothing special. IMO.

    The most interesting stylish people are on Lookbook.
  13. Ditto!
  14. I've never heard of her...she's cute!
  15. Thanks for posting this thread and all these pics, rx4dsoul!

    Can you ID these boots? I NEED them! TIA!