Chevre Goat Skin

  1. I just want to say how much I love chevre. It is absolutely stunning, especially in the daylight. It actually glistens in the sun, like glittery lipgloss. Also, I heard it is lighter compared to other skins. It gives the Birkin a dressy look.
  2. hehe yeah, its beautiful! Totally agree :love: Now where is my bicolor chevre birkin :lol:
  3. I totally agree about the beautiful sheen on chevre. It's light yet durable. The grain is so much more exotic-looking compared to the other skins. The goat spine on the chevre bags is also TDF! :love:
  4. ooo the spine! I love that :biggrin: Even though it sounds painful :lol: When my SA told me that I was like awww...but then I fell in love with the look and forgot:shame:
  5. I's is beautiful!! I got so lucky with my Route H Kelly being chevre (and I didn't even know the difference when I purchased it on e-bay!) - it is very unique and learning of the spine part is like knowing a secret!:amuse:
  6. Mmm. Sounds so lovely. Can only live vicariously, for now.
  7. I heard at the Hermes store that it wasn't going to be used anymore.
  8. I WILL have at last one chevre bag!
  9. ugly and tackey.
  10. It's a shame but I'm sure there are pleny of chevre bags still in circulation. Although perhaps it was just Chevre Coromandel? I am not sure now.

    Just like your attitude.
  11. I had no idea that it wasn't going to be made anymore. That's sad... would like to know, one way or the other.
  12. I did not hear that about Chevre. They are not making box anymore, but I hadn't heard about Chevre.

    Chevre and Box are my two most favorite leathers *sigh*:love: .
  13. :love: i love chevre. preferrably in brighter colors to bring out the beautiful spin pattern.

    I want a birkin in chevre so much :lol: :lol:
  14. I love Chevre! With some enormous luck, my first Birkin or Kelly will be a Chevre. Togo's great, but goatskin holds a special place in my heart.

    Just like you, honey. :hrmm:
  15. LOLOL, Clanalois!!!