Chevre Chamkila

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  1. does anyone happen to know what leather this is? Chere Chamkila i did a google search but nothing, it looks like sombrero
  2. Here it is the beauty being displayed as reserved in hermes FSH

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  3. Probably another new leather. And maybe a typo and they actually mean Chèvre.
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  4. It's Chevre Chamkila and will be used in quite a few smaller bags or small leather goods.
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  5. Just to let you know I've changed the title of this thread to Chevre Chamkila
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  6. “Chère” also means expensive in French. Very fitting considering the price tag (although since “leather” and “bag” are both masculine, it should read “cher”)
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  7. I could rename it Cher, Chèvre Chamkila but since it's the H forum I think it's a given.

    I like the name Chamkila (you may have to say it out loud). As in "The price at H is often a Chamkila".
  8. I’m really wondering what “Chamkila” is meant to signify - Coromandel and Mysore are both regions in India, so perhaps there’s an Indian significance? Funnily enough, “Chamkila” in Hindi translates to “shiny” or “sparkly” - it would be funny if this variant of chèvre has a particularly noticeable sheen!
  9. There is a famous Punjabi singer called Amar Singh Chamkila so you could well be correct
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  10. I was just about to say that! It's also means shiny in punjabi..:heart:
  11. I was told this weekend by a leather manager at a flagship that Mysore was going to be phased out. I dismissed it at the time as the typical "Black and Gold will be rested" rumor, but maybe it is true.
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    I’m Gujarati and it also means “shiny” in that language too!

    I also hear folks say “Chamkili” which means “bright.” So both words are pretty close in meaning.

    I wonder why all the Chèvre leather have Indian names? It’s super interesting.

    Mysore- City in India
    Coromandel- coastal area of southern India
    Chandra- means “moon” in Hindi And is the name of the Moon deity in the Hindu religion.
    Chamkila- means “shiny” in several native Indian languages.
  13. Thanks for the info. I agree it's hard to know what to believe but mostly I think most SAs give accurate info at the time given but then H change their minds and make their staff look ill-informed. Of course some staff make it up as they go along.

    Anyone actually see or touched this leather in person yet?
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  14. Shiny or sparkly was my first thought too