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  1. I just found one in black/silver on clearance at Macy's. With the extra 20% it would be about $155 without tax. I've never looked at them on FOS because I couldn't recall seeing them before. It caught my eye and I'm curious about the bag and the price. I asked her to hold it so I could think about it.
  2. Pictures?
  3. I didn't buy it yet. After my banana republic stop, I may think better of it. :biggrin:
  4. Is it the large or the regular? I have both the regular (black/silver) and the large (cognac) and love the style. Here's a pic of the regular.......

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  5. Here's the large Cognac. I like the large Chelsea better but I like big bags. I took the tassel off because it looked a little sloppy but then I realized I like it without the tassel so I'm going to carry it like this to work next week. I would love to find the large in black.

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  6. Number is 25359.
  7. Would that even tell me? I can wear it over my shoulder, and I think the original price was $358?
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    OK, that's the regular sized one (the smaller one). Regular price is $358 so $155 is a great deal, around 56% off......and I love that they have feet!

  9. How much bigger is the large one? Like med burough?

  10. I don't have a Borough but have seen them IRL and would say the large is comparable. I took a pic to compare the two. In the pic it doesn't look like much difference but the strap drop on the large is about an inch more.

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  11. I'd skip it.

    Don't you have a couple of Boroughs? I'd say Borough trumps Chelsea. But that's just me.
  12. Very classy! But then all your bags are sharp.

  13. I guess it's all in what you like..........different strokes for different folks. I don't like compartments so no Boroughs or Phoebes for me. That's why I prefer Chelsea. I might consider the Town Totes that are "Borough-like" since they don't have compartments.

  14. Thanks, Home Girl! :biggrin:
  15. I have the regular Chelsea and medium boroughs. I like the reg. size of Chelsea and mainly use as a satchel but it does fit on shoulder well since drop is longer. Here is a pic. to try to show size of reg. Chelsea next to medium B bag. Hope this helps :smile:.

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