Chelleybelley's MODEST but growing collection! My First CL Family Shot!

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  1. I must say, tPF has been a huge factor in contributing to my growing addiction... thank you, Ladies! :amuse:

    Back (L-R): Black Patent Decoltissimos, Fuschia Viva Lolas, Leopard Patent Open Clics, Camel Jazz Decolettes, Cork/Tobacco Suede No. Prives

    Front: Pewter Python Sixties

    No modeling pics for now... I have to get to bed :girlsigh: but maybe tomorrow night!

    Attached Files:

  2. Fabulous collection, and not at all modest! Love the Decolletes especially :heart:
  3. Pretty collection! I love the fuchsia satin. Gorgeous color. Oh, and the pewter python is really gorgeous too!
  4. Love your leopard open clics!
  5. Thank you techie, meggy, and fashion! :biggrin:
  6. Great collection! Love the tobacco suede color! Also loving the fuschia viva lola's---I havn't seen those yet!
  7. Fabulous collection chelley! You have a beautiful array of styles and colors...the pop of pink is delicious!:nuts:
  8. A very lovely and definitely not modest collection.
  9. Thank you dbeth and bella! Yes, I love the fuschia -- my favorite color! I still haven't been able to wear them out yet with all the rain we've been getting! I'm actually scared to... I don't want them to get ruined. :nogood:
  10. Gorgeous collection! All of them are fabulous! I am totally drooling over the python Miss Sixties - they are amazing!
  11. Love the collection! Don't be afraid to wear satin, just spray them with Scotch Guard first.
  12. Great collection! Lots of variety :tup:
  13. Lovely growing collection!
  14. Thank you, LouboutinNerd! You are definitely loyal to your pythons! :tup:

    Laureen, thanks for the tip! Will definitely do that!

    Rilo and Yellow, thank you!!
  15. Ahhhh beautiful collection chelley I like the leopards :tender: