Chelleybelley's MODEST but growing collection! My First CL Family Shot!

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  1. Great collection! Congrats!
  2. beautiful... i can tell we have same taste 'cause i love every pair in your collection..
  3. You have a very pretty collection! Wear them in all in good health!
  4. Nice collection! I especially like the open clics.
  5. Lovely collection :heart:
  6. Thank you, Danielle, betty, maianh, janced, adeana, & Nieners!

    Janced, love the avatar, shoe twin! :tup:
  7. Chelley - Nice diversity! I wanted the lola's so bad, but resisted. You make me regret it!
  8. ^^fmd, thank you! The Viva Lolas are so comfortable!! I haven't been able to wear them out yet though due to the temperamental weather...
  9. Beautiful collection!! Any modeling pics yet?
  10. crnkl, Thank you! And nope not yet. I haven't had some time to myself since this photoshoot, but hopefully in the near future I'll be able to take some modeling shots too (and maybe a couple of additions)!