Change your Avatar month!

  1. I noticed that alot of tPFers are changing their Avatar pics!!! This must be change your Avatar month!! (Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I love this forum!!!)
  2. meh... i change mine quite often... it depends on my mood, i guess. i usually recognize fellow pf'ers by their avatars instead of usnername... so once they change it, kinda throws me off a bit.
  3. Oh dear.. Gonna hafta start being more attentive now.
    Like a lotta peeps, I tend to recognise PFers by their avatars too :p
  4. I can't keep up with all these changing avatars so I tend to keep mine the same. I use this pic on other forums so if you ever see it anywhere else.... it could be me :p
  5. Lol, I just changed mine. Just needed to mix it up a bit!
  6. I must change mine now im bored of it...
  7. But yours is cute for valentines day ;)
  8. i want to change mine, but my dog is just too cute to change it! (must be how she gets away with stuff all the could you be mad at that face?!)
  9. I think I change mine about 5 times a month:shame: Think I'll stick with this one for a bit. I :heart: looking at the ocean and my hubby at the same time!:love:
  10. This thread inspired me to finally upload an avatar!
  11. I have to upload mine as well. As a newbie to the online world, it seems to be a prereq. so I'll get mine up soon!
  12. mine's been the same for, like, a year. maybe more! mine is my english bulldog, cassie mae, and i know vlad and megs love her, and i love her, so i keep her around!
  13. I changed mine. I used to have my favorite psinting by John Singer Sargent. I have changed it to my second favorite painting by's called Madame X. It's actually his most famous painting and caused quite the scandal when it was unveiled.

  14. same here!
  15. I changed mine... but I miss colored pics!