Chanel? Which Workbag?

  1. If you have a Chanel Work Bag, what is it? How come some of you don’t use flaps on the way to work? If you have a classic flap / reissue, when do you usually use your flaps?
  2. concept compartment makes it easier for us to put & retrieve our stuff.
    Classic Flap...a bit cumbersome..& it's pretty small too
    But will use classic flap.. other time beside going to work
  3. I am using my diamond shine flap to work almost regulary. I'm in the process moving from my briefcase to the GST. I'm need little pouches to organize stuffs like pens & misc so they do not stain my GST.
  4. Can you guys also post pics of your everyday workbag? :biggrin:
  5. I usually carry by cerf tote or GST. I have the medium classic, as well as the 226 reissue, and it's just too small to carry for work.
  6. luckily i don't need to carry anything different/extra to work so whichever bag i am carrying that week comes along to work...this week it's the bronze cc tote (which i think would make a good work bag for those that need to work related files etc)
  7. I've been searching for the perfect Chanel bag that will fit my computer and a few files but haven't found it yet. I am considering the Paris Biarritz
  8. Paris Biarritz looks too big though.. But it looks like a strong bag that doesn't get broken too easily! Not to mention cheaper than the other handbags! :heart:
  9. Gst!
  10. I'm also wanting to buy a GST (gift to myself for the new job)..hehe I'm deciding btw white or black caviar..

    I vote for the GST!
  11. Lucky for you guys, GST is available in USA!! Here in Hong Kong, it's not available! :sad:
  12. I use the coated canvas grand central tote for work. I stick my bag in the locker so I just shove this in my locker every morning without having to worry about scratching my bag.

  13. Why don't you just get one from the US? Most department stores and I think even the Chanel boutique sends overseas. I know NM charges $50 for international shipping.
  14. Didn't tried before. Which NM and Saks can usually send overseas so that I know which one to call anyway? And also, how much is the GST in USA?
  15. I use my Caviar tote - this is a great work bag!
    Chanel tote.jpg